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Welcome to my bloggie. My name is Rachel Nguyen (full bred Vietnamese) and I'm 23 years old living in Los Angeles. I really hate the term fashion blogger - I think it's gotten a pretty bad rap over the years but for the sake of this intro, I'll stick with it. This blog started off in 2007 (I was 17 in highschool) because I swore I wanted to be a magazine editor and posted all sorts of trendy articles that are now so embarrassing to read. Now, I kind of post about everything. A lot of it are outfit posts. Which gets awkward when someone asks me what my blog's about.

A chunk of my blog's history took place where I grew up, Irvine, CA - aka one of the safest cities in America. Actually, the city of Irvine is indeed a company. The entire city looks alike, and if you weren't lucky enough to grow up there, you'd easily get lost. Even went to school and college in Irvine and graduated with an Economics degree from University of California, Irvine. The fact I walked out of it with a strong sense of personal style is beyond me. I blame having strict asian parents who didn't let me go out and party, so instead of studying (because I really sucked at academics), I oogled myself with magazines and fashion forums.

In October 2012, I finally moved to Los Angeles to follow a job opportunity in design. Somehow, I landed a gig designing menswear at Paige Denim but got laid off after 8 months. Which is awesome because for the first time since sophomore year of highschool, I'm completely #funemployed and thus finally allowing me time to focus on blogging and personal ventures I'm about to tackle.
Tune in to keep up. Seriously, pour yourself a pinot noir and we can pretend we're wining together.

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