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September 7, 2017

It's been heatwave after heatwave and all I want to do with wear pretty Fall clothes in a mistressly manner. Instead, I find myself swimming in beads of sweat and falling into the deep hole of global warming articles that turns into Trump discussions. To which I remind myself that my sanity is most important and know there is a mental break and an ice cold La Croix waiting for me in the yard.

Beret from Lisa Says Gah. Bra from The Great Eros. Jacket from Who What Wear.

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6 responses:

  1. Perfect coat <3

  2. this is amazing

  3. Anonymous

    fashion killa

  4. the colours tho... so perfect!


  5. Those days , and those Trump conversations are important
    The fact we can try to make others see global warming is real
    and Trump is a complete disaster!

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