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with the girls

May 27, 2017

While my IG post was sponsored, this post is not. Hanging out with a couple of best friends all dressed alike makes for head turning fun and really good content. Especially when my girl Alex Kenealy is behind the camera. Thanks Avec les Filles for dressing us for what could look like a pending album cover release. I'm obviously Beyonce,  Jenny is Kelly, and Olivia os Michelle (but secretly Solange I guess). And after this whole ordeal, we spent the rest of the day cuddling over gin cocktails. Because as simple as cuddling is actually super, super healing, did you know? Now you do.

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10 responses:

  1. So cute!! Love the photos!

    Tasha x

  2. I also read about the many benefits of cuddling and general skin contact somewhere. haha love your top btw!

  3. Omg angel babies, I love everything about these photos.


  4. Such a woderful and amazing photos! You guys look cool!! xx

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