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October 19, 2016

My dear neglected blog,

You'll have to excuse my extended absence and broken blog - a shot in the dark says it's my longest hiatus thus far. Life has gotten the better of me. You might have seen me spellbound in, what I like to call, an "editing hole". And as summer was closing in with two months blinking by, I panicked.

I created loads, shmoozed lots, brainstormed much, but there comes a point when you overload. Staring at a screen 14-18 hours a day caused me to detach from my mental in some sick, subconscious effort to subdue my emotional needs. Naturally, I took to the airport after daily vlogging. I've packed and unpacked my suitcase more times than I've popped aspirin during the presidential debates. I guess you can say I was in need of a personal season off.

Of course I'm being dramatic to say the least, but at least I've reflected. Thank god as I realized how tired I've grown of this industry we've formed - you guys know this. My charade ends here as I am excited to relaunch my blog in a way that makes sense to me. Now I can't articulate this in any other way but to show you guys - once we slay the web development.

You will have to listen to my huffs and puffs on social and I promise to make a healthier effort with editing! With love I have attached a repeatable song - the kind of song that serendipitously fits into any life occasion. And photos of my mellow dramatic feels disguised in a backyard photoshoot.

Till then, see you babes on the 'tube xx


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12 responses:

  1. Rachel, I'm so happy that you're back to the blogging world! I'm looking forward to your new posts xx


  2. Yayy you are finally back, so excited to see what you will create in the (hopefully near)future!

  3. Love your style!! please check out our blog, we are two twinsisters that runs a fashion- and lifestyleblog in Sweden!!

  4. susan

    i read your blog and watch your vids, a lot! also, using your vietnam trip as a resource, my hubby and i plan to go in march 2017! first time for both of us so naturally excited! just want to show you some love that there are real people out there that appreciate what you do. do you and be you girl! love love

  5. Rachel! I am so glad you are back! Can't wait to hear more from you in the blogosphere! Welcome back!

  6. Great photos!

  7. Welcome back, we've missed you (in this space at least). Although we've been following your vlogs, it'll be rad to see what new stuff you'll be launching on the site!


  8. Welcome back! Love seeing what you will say next!

  9. This is Awesome...


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  11. I must appreciate the way you have expressed your feelingsthrough your blog!..
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  12. omg i'm so glad your back, been constantly checking your blog for inspiration so it is really nice to see new stuff on this platform xx

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