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November 30, 2015

In honor of Cyber Monday, I bring you my favorite secret. It will be the end and start of your hunt for really good designer shit. I wish I can say that this post was brought to you by The Real Real, but I absolutely did not get paid for this post (not even for trade! But hey, if you're reading... hook a homie up).

Call it a strange addiction or a love interest: I'm a compulsive deal seeker. Discovering The Real Real has put me at the edge of my lust for super sales. And while I've only bought from them a few times, I almost daily comb through the site for those "OMG" pieces. The thrill of finding a cheap gem is beyond addicting - to which I go about texting all my friends and asking them what shoe size they are so they can wear my dream shoes and I can vicariously live through their purchase. It's a win/win.

Today is a win/win for us. Because I fulfilled all my shopping desires and you don't have to overwhelm yourself with the massive inventory. But if you have time, imagine a world where The Row is priced below $100 and isn't mistakenly missing an extra zero at the end. Yes, that tank top is $44 and not $440 (which is still lower than their usual retail price for a silk tank).

The shopping is ridiculous. I've already made "sorry" cards for the friends who I've introduced the site to. Once in a while they have flash sales, as in 50-60% off the already super discounted consignment price. Don't waste your time on Cyber Monday.. shop consignment. And if you're iffy about consignment clothes (their QC is superb), they have a boutique on 50% off NWT items. Ughhh.


UNDER $150

UNDER $300

Also, I can't knock all the sales. When your email looks like this, I feel like I have to share some filtered, good deals. You know, no lame ones that are only 10% off or free shipping + sample.

  • Otte NY - I've always thought they have a very shoppable curation of brands and pieces to discover. I'm so shopped out, otherwise I'd be geeking out over this sale. 40% additional off sale using 'extrapie40'
  • NARS Cosmetics - Quality makeup rarely goes on sale, so although this is only 20%, it's better then what you can find throughout the year. If you don't know what you "need" from NARS right now, get the lipstick in VIP Red. Best red ever - which look like a limited color. Might pick myself an extra one! 
  • ASOS - Because you're still in the mood to comb through more sales. ASOS has good pieces when it's not terribly, overly trendy. Look for elevated basics and knickers. 20% off order using 'blessed'
  • Madewell - Good denim, quality pieces. Still pricey (wouldn't you rather get Chanel pants for the price of jeans here?) but I do love their stuff. 25% off order using 'shopatwork'

HAPPY SHOPPING. Excuse grammar and brevity - my computer screen is starting to look like a huge blur blob.

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12 responses:

  1. Alice

    I've seen glowing reviews about The Real Real in a bunch of different places but as much as I want to love them, my one personal experience was awful. They sold me a pair of shoes that were 1) in much worse quality than depicted in the pictures and 2) clearly fakes upon closer inspection. That one purchase has put me off them forever.

  2. Anonymous

    I just got a Balenciaga bag after watching your video and reading your post. I am so excited as this will be my first designer bag. Then I started reading the reviews about how customers were getting fake items. I spent $500.00 on it, and I am so so scared. Feeling really anxious and disappointed I didn't read them before I purchased it. I'm really crossing my fingers :(. I wish I didn't risk it..

  3. Raych, your email inbox is insane-o!

  4. I think you should check out this shop... modern chic with a moderate price range.

  5. Anonymous

    Day 19 and 18 are the first videos you've posted where you don't seem so self absorbed. The thing about Claire that makes her so relatable and and fun to watch is that not only is her content amazing but also that she is humble and down to earth. Your content is unique and brilliant but at times you seem to start "feeling yourself" a bit too much and it begins to feel like a video version of a selfie. Make it about you AND the big picture, not just you. Hope this makes sense and doesn't come off as rude.

  6. Ha, that's my email inbox pretty much every day. I think it's about time I go through and update some of my subscriptions so there's not so much to sift through.

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