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August 19, 2015

Who What Wear, Levi's ®, and myself are going to talk fall denim. Yes, it probably still reads triple-digits on your thermostat, but it's never too early to start thinking about repurposing, repurchasing, and restyling your denim. Lucky for you, there are 9 outfits (and three rad chicks) for you to get inspiration from on Who What Wear's site right now. Jeans are a very personal matter; in fact, I think I legitimately teared up when my Levi's 501® from freshman year of college ripped at the knees last year at fashion week. It's been a year since said scarring experience, and I think I can safely ease into getting myself a fresh pair of Levi's ® to love till end of time.

Thank you Who What Wear and Justin Coit for doing an amazing job telling this story with us. Us being Rima, Grasie, and myself.


Levi's 711 in Winter Solstice. Levi's 721 in Deep Abyss. Levi's 501® CT Jeans for Women in Cali Cool paired with Levi's Classic Western Shirt.

In collaboration with Who What Wear and Levi's. 

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28 responses:

  1. awesome collaboration. you ladies look beautiful in the denim!

  2. You all look beautiful! Nothing better than jeans!

    xoxoBella |

  3. Lovely photos, aren't Levi's the best??


  4. Very ready for a denim-filled fall! And I love all the long-ish jackets.

  5. Anonymous

    where can I buy those silver unkle boots?

  6. I love the metallic shine on gold and silver jewelry so I'm digging how you threw that in there with the shoes! :) Blazer with a jean shirt is an amazing combo!

  7. Such a great post! Loved all the looks. And i totally agree with you when you say that Jeans are a very personal matter, I've been wearing the same brand and style of jeans for quite a while now, and I don't think i'm giving up my choice of it anytime soon haha!

    Much love xo

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  9. This is such a girl confident and girl power filled campaign. Sign us up! Go girl!

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