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dream canadian tuxedo

July 20, 2015

When you like a brand and they like you; you can maybe get away with asking for a lot. Such as, using their entire factory to manifest a design from your head - basically what I asked of AG. A few meetings and a mood board later, I was in HQ with the designers brainstorming fun ideas. I went for pieces that my closet lacked: a tattered denim jacket with scribbles all over it and high-waisted open button fly jeans.

I would go through the entire, wordy process, but I rather you watch the video yourself. Below are photos to express my love for my new garments. I apologize to my friends in advance for obnoxiously wearing my new Canadian tuxedo on a weekly basis.

Similar AG denim jacket. Halter top in Fire Coral. Jewelry from Marida.

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17 responses:

  1. amazing collaboration! loving that denim jacket

  2. The denim jacket is so unique, i love it!

  3. these pics are amazing

  4. amazing

  5. these photos are amazing and I love your top and jacket especially! x

  6. STUNNING love the doodles i want my own

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  9. I live in denim xo Nice Post.

  10. Love your outfit!

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