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festival style upgraded: surfer shoegaze vibe

June 1, 2015

So the past two years, I haven't really done the whole festival thing aside from the seasonal desert parties. Coachella became granola and forced, and I miss the gritty days of disregarding my outfit and Instagram-quota. This year I've decided to do Bonnaroo and I'm sooo excited to explore what a music festival in Tennessee has to offer!! More about that later.

I've fully embraced Californication, and I want to bring that to Tennessee. I also want to stray far away from frilly flower crowns, vintagey fringe, and poorly-selected footwear. It's the festival! You want to feel comfortable, cute, and cool. Teva is an obvious choice as a 12 year old so why can't it be one when you're 25? So I've styled five outfits, displayed here and Pinterest, that I'll be wearing as I'm jamming out to Mac Demarco, The Growlers, and Caribou. Surf Shoegaze - it's a thing... according to me xx


ASOS shirt. AG denim skirt. Juicy Couture bag (similar here). Teva Terra FI sandals. Wonderland sunglasses.

Coach x Gary Baseman dress. Teva flatform sandals

Vintage scarf. The2Bandits x Erin Wasson earrings.  Topshop romper. Teva flatform sandals.  

American Apparel top (I got this color at their warehouse). Topshop suede shorts. Lack of Color hat. Teva gold sandals

Now that you've checked out my festival guide, head over to Teva's for theirs.

♥ Photos by Sisilia Piring 

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32 responses:

  1. Teva might not be my personal first choice when it comes to footwear, but damn, do you rock them! I actually follow a few bloggers who collaborated with Teva but I feel like you pulled them off the best! (shh, don't tell the others!) ;)
    Also, all your looks are clearly fab, and I love the second to last one with the topshop romper the best! The photography for those photos is also so airy and soft--I really enjoy it! xx

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad, a fashion + social action blog

  2. gorgeous

  3. Love these! I'm doing a few festival myself this year, but I think Glastonbury probably calls for wellies rather than sandals - DAMN!

    - Elodie x

  4. Super cute pics. Looks like a bunch of fun.

    Rachel |

  5. love the tevas!! all these looks are great

  6. Instagram-quota! So funny. You pull off Teva gone chic incredibly well.

  7. Super cool.

  8. As always, love the photos by Sisilia Piring. I'll admit, Teva would not be my first choice for festival footwear. This is coming from someone who thinks the most practical shoes for those settings is boots or cute sneakers. You pull them off well though and I especially like the Teva gold sandals. Have fun at the festival; such a great lineup!

    Dee |

  9. Anonymous

    where's your white dress from? so cute. xx

  10. Love all your casual chic looks especially the white Topshop romper! The scallop hem and blue embroidery are so pretty!


  11. Love the surfer vibes, great photos.

    xx Falasha
    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin'

  12. So fresh and fun... Love it!


  13. OMG those shoes are amazing! I love flatform sandals!

    - Liz

  14. Amazing! These pictures are so much fun, xo Anova

  15. I never thought that I would embrace Tevas! But, you are making them look super cool and fun! xo

    adorn la femme

  16. Those sandals look so comfortable!

  17. All outfits are so great!

  18. Love your style! The third set of photos were my fav, perfect colours!

  19. Love love love the platform shoes! Lovely pictures!

  20. Cute!! Love so much the looks!! And the Teva sandals!

  21. Such a great post, love that look on you!! Marvelous photos love! The dress is super cute

  22. Wonderful style and beautiful photos!

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