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weekly favorites: swagger edition

March 1, 2015

I haven't done a full weekly round up in a long time - but that's only because I break it up now which leads to less pressure to post it every week. Did we all catch that? If you're a new reader, let me familiarize you with each themed0day through the perfect carry-all bag.

Currently on repeat: Glass Animal - Zaba. It's one catchy album that has some really amazing hits full of animalistic vibes. Other notable background-ambiance bands on vinyl: The Supremes and Crosby Stills Nash & Young.

Breakfast has been my favorite meal to cook, mainly because it's paired with coffee. The easiest, healthiest pancake recipe that I make almost every morning is made of just two ingredients, egg + banana. Thank me later. One day I'll do a video on how I make it myself, but that link is a good start. Another easy favorite: toast with coconut oil, fried on a pan, then smeared chunky almond butter on top + chopped medjool dates. Ded.

Hump day is for coveting. Something that's been on my radar is a luxe bag customized with sloppy brush strokes. I also rediscovered my love for watercoloring and have been channeling my unwinding energy towards that. So I spent a morning with coffee doing this little paint-job. I'm actually really stoked on how it turned out. Also didn't realize that this is very "Carrie Diaries" until people started commenting that on my Instagram.

While I mostly post interior photos on Thursdays, it's really meant to be anything thought-provoking or inspiring. Currently I am so, so excited to be traveling to Vietnam for 2 weeks. I feel like I desperately need an escape and change of scenery - seriously, I am overflowing with inspiration about that. Things with me at all times while I travel: my passport, Canon 120s, external hard-drive to document, a notebook, and my current favorite magazines Purple Fashion + Garage.

A few of my purse real-estate regulars: Dita sunglasses, a ribbon to tie my hair, cherry-red lipstick, lip balm, berry flavored mints, random envelop to house receipts, and signature perfume.

Carry-all by Coach Swagger 37. This is my weekly swagger - what's yours?

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15 responses:

  1. I like that coach bag! Super cute and great for the weekend!
    The banana pancakes sound amazing too!

  2. omg, I'm obsessed with Glass Animals! I've been listening to them nonstop for almost a year and I have yet to become bored of them... I'm so happy to find a fellow fan of theirs! Great post as always Rachel! :)

  3. so cool!

  4. lovely bag, looks stunning!

  5. fantastic interpretation, loving the one with your name :0

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  8. This post itself Is almost as perfect as your painted bag, love it!

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