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the pixie dress

February 11, 2015

Hard to believe Sisilia and I took these photos in downtown Los Angeles - a section of town I have been heavily frequenting because every person in my life is living here. Slowly I'm feeling at home in the Arts District, a charming neighborhood full of architectural renderings - poles apart from what I actually call home: Hancock Park.

Aside from where I am doing most of my existing, can we talk about the existence of this dress? Thank you Alexa, again, for creating the most perfect denim collection known to lady-kind. I am resisting the urge to wear it every day. But I am celebrating it under freshly bloomed cherry blossoms.

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27 responses:

  1. What a dress! Enough said.



  2. Wow! This denim dress is perfect!

  3. You cooldn't look more stunning! Beautiful dress and cool mules!;)

  4. Great look. I love your shoes.

  5. I wish I could soak up some sun like you!!
    NYC is so freeezing,,,,
    Your posts are like a little virtual get away for me these winter days.

  6. Wow this outfit and these photos are perfect! I wanna be you x

  7. love that dress

  8. love you in that dress! the collection has you written all over it

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  10. You pulled off that dress so well! I'm impressed ;)


  11. oooh blossom trees... love that article !


  12. those shoes are perfect!

    xx nikki

  13. i love this dress, its perfect in your body!
    great pic!

  14. Love the shoes with this dress! xx

  15. I have the same dress and love it! I want to wear it every day. I like how you styled it.

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