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holiday looks

December 21, 2014

As you may know I've been exploring the YouTube space with new musings and really challenging myself to create rad videos. Over the week, I did my first motion lookbook which wouldn't cross your mind as something of significance other than pretty to watch, but damn, those things are hard to make right! Running around town with one of your best friends hauling camera equipment that neither of you know how to use well is a story in itself. To make matters worse, we of course got caught in cryptic Los Angeles rain. Also, shout out to the unforgiving lady cop who gave me an expired meter ticket while I was standing right there.

All in all, that day had me feeling a certain way - one that I can't really depict through photos so you'll just have to watch the rest of the holiday looks in the video below. Thank you Ted for shooting and being my life crutch that day! x

Joie dress. Proenza Schouler. Vintage Jacket

Alice + Olivia blazer. H&M Studio pants. H&M Studio mules.

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32 responses:

  1. Love the video! And the plaid dress! xx

  2. That first outfit is amazing, you look flawless!!

  3. Beautiful looks :) loving this post!

    Jennifer x

  4. The video turned out so well! Happy Christmas!


  5. Oh swooning, those are oh so good.

  6. I actually LOVED the video. Even though it made my laptop freeze at some point haha
    The black and white look with the H&M Studio pieces and the grey(?) two-piece look are my faves. <3


  7. Suuuuper cool !


  8. Stunning style!

  9. Nice outfits !

  10. love all of these looks!

    xx nikki

  11. I really love the content you're creating for your YouTube channel. It's a much-needed change from the monotony that a lot of other YouTubers are presenting these days. The lookbook video turned out great, despite all the setbacks you seem to have had on shooting day. Looking forward to seeing more from you!

    Dee |

  12. Gorgeous looks! xoxo I really love seeing blog posts in video form-- even better than just photos!
    Great adventures

  13. I love the masculine outfit!

  14. That plaid dress is just amazing!

  15. Nice looks! Love the dress!

  16. Thank you for sharing this lovely video!
    Happy holidays!


  17. That’s just a great style!

    Love this blog. Keep up the good work.

  18. just found your blog and can I just say -- obsessed! love your style

    Giveaway on my blog

  19. Great job on the video! I love the segments with your arm popping out of the bush holding the shoes! :) Love the outfits you put together!

    xo, Suzie Q

  20. I love your dress and your white crop top!

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