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platnium blond hair care

November 4, 2014

You guys have asked me a lot about my hair care. To each their own but this is what kind of worked for me. Although, it's almost been a year since I've had my hair blonde and I've made an eternal promise that I'll go back to black after a year. I seriously wish people had recommended me these products earlier than my trial-and-error. I'm still discovering new things to try with my hair.

One ingredient hair mask: coconut oil. Throw it in and this helps repair your hair from the complete and utter shock you did with the bleach. Pureology Essential Repair is another good one that I leave in during the duration of my shower.

To rinse out the mask, you have to constantly tone your hair. It gets brassy just from being outside so purple up. Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure is so good and I leave it in my hair. I also keep Shu Uemura's purple balm at my man's house to leave in my hair after I spend time in the water. Feels like a fresh color again.

And when you do, use shampoos that don't lather. My good friend Anna introduced to my Wen by Chaz Dean, which is god's gift. I have yet to try this brand No poo, but it's totally in my radar of new experiments.

Sorry girl. Platinum hair means your ends are probably fried.
Sassoon Salon. Costa Mesa, CA (714) 556-5673
Creative Director (and all that is holy in my hair cut); Tani Cole

This was never a problem when I had my virgin hair, but damn, my bleached hair sticks to everything - including each other. Satin pillow cases help with snagging at night. And I will break up the texture of my hair with a detangling spray. Dig this one from Honest.

Or consult with my hair dresser to see if blonde is the right color / routine for you.
Sassoon Salon. Costa Mesa, CA (714) 556-5673
Salon Director (and all that is holy with bleaching); Adrianna Harrison

A few tried and true, but these have all been products in giftbags. Ava Hair Oil after my hair dries from a shower to style. Aloxxi Essential 7 Hair Serum light enough to throw in every day.

Or, if you want to watch the video (uhm hello, why aren't you watching?!), I run through all these tips on camera.

Lastly! Some lovely readers named off some rad recommendations I want to check out myself:

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15 responses:

  1. looks amazing

  2. Definitely agree - NEVER skip appointments with your hair dresser.
    Bleached hair is high maintenance but always so worth it *.*

  3. I've heard that coconut oil is the bomb.

  4. gorgeous!


  5. adorable!

  6. I need to try the hair mask! My hair gets crazy dry/frizzy in the winter

  7. great tips!! thank you for sharing!!

    xx nikki

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