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September 3, 2014

While everyone was at Made in America, I was doing things uncalled for. Such as, finding myself on the back of a bike, trekking 80 miles somewhere, eating a burrito at a place literally called 'secret spot', and making it to Disneyland with someone else's identity. Click below to watch and read more...

My favorite part about being alive is the existence of Disneyland. People ask me why I love it so much and the answer is endless. The attention to detail (REALLY, think about the concept of Hidden Mickeys), start-to-finish storytelling rides,  everyone is unrealistically nice, and you don't think about anything besides your next adventure there. I can go on. It really is the best place on earth. But Saturday was about the journey getting there. Agreeing to tag-a-long a biker boy group is a serious commitment. Because you never know where you end up.

Itineraries are so overrrated.

On a complete other note: yes, video blogs are coming very soon. I've been editing/working like crazy every weekend and day. GIFs are from the vlogs.

BUT - thank you H&M for dressing me this weekend. Do check out their incredible launch, H&M Studio A/W 2014,  of limited-edition pieces. Pieces that I've gotten endless compliments on.

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17 responses:

  1. Can't wait for some dope vlogs :)!


  2. I love these photo' cool!!

  3. Love the new gif inserts and the photos are raw. Great move, Rachel!

  4. Take me on one of your adventures! Loved the format of this post, loved the GIFS. Can't wait to see more - and the videos! X

  5. Wish I was there too! I love Disney Parks! BTW the H&M link doesn't work :(

  6. These are really good pictures! My dad happened to pass by while I was looking at them and all he looked at were the motorcycles (he just got a bike). Everyone has their own interests! lol

  7. I pekaboo today this collection, it's great, full on really good pieces!
    XOX, Gap.

  8. I can't wait for the release of the collection!

  9. This is so incredibly legit. I love it!

  10. Nothing is more exhilarating than being on the back of a bike!

  11. Can't wait for your videos. I love the Secret Spot. Sounds like a great Saturday.

    - Christina

  12. love the gifs!! looks like so much fun


  13. Really like how you put these H&M looks together!

  14. I absolutely love this post. The pictures, the story, the way it makes me feel...dopeness! Thanks for bringing us to Disneyland ;)

  15. Looks like so much fun!


  16. Love this post it is really different!

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