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one teaspoon

June 5, 2014

Cut off denim reminds me of one thing and one thing only: summertime at Disneyland. If you've been following me for sometime, you would know that I am a Disneyland fanatic! It's only appropriate that I post this the night before I break my Disneyland dry spell. Going on a much needed mini vacation for the weekend at Disneyland, at the resort, pool bathing and hoarding Space Mountain fast passes.

Photos by Jesse Fiorino

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56 responses:

  1. adorable!

  2. Perfect cut offs! You look great!

  3. Perfect!


  4. Love your denim shorts; they're the perfect denim colour and jut the right kind of high waisted I've been looking for for ages. Where did you get them?
    Have fun at Disneyland!!! :-)


  5. Òh I remember the days when you still had long, wavy hair and rocked Minnie Mouse ears. Have fun this weekend! I always get jealous of people going to Disney in LA - there is definitely NO WAY I'd get away with swimming and wearing denim cut-offs in the Paris one anytime soon!

    - Elodie x

  6. those shorts are perfect!


  7. I do love your plain top x

  8. I love every bit of these photos and those shorts are just dynamite!

    Neon Fox

  9. Super love the hat!

  10. Great pictures! :)

    Ana Pinto

  11. Anonymous

    Great jeans!

  12. Great look!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.
  14. Wow, this is an amazing outfit!your hat is like cherry on a cake.

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