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June 23, 2014

I'm sure we're all very aware of the summer solstice as everyone took to Instagram to express their Saturday of pool time and palm trees. For me it means nothing out of the ordinary, not even the barely-there silk skirt that I choose to wear in the middle of December. Work's been really, really busy par usual, and my blog email keeps building up, but I promise I'm working on something rad, and it's coming together very soon.

Happy Summer! x
  Urban Outfitters tank. Norma Kamali sunglasses. Vintage Emanuel Ungaro skirt. Proenza Schouler heels.

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30 responses:

  1. so gooood !

  2. Last photo is so sweet :) Great skirt and sunnies!

  3. Flawless look, the skirt is amazing!

  4. great look!

  5. adorable!

  6. that first pic is kind of amazing!


  7. one of my fave photo shoots of yours! that skirt is gorgeous!


  8. You have an wonderful smile!! Keep smiling!!

  9. HOLY YUM! Vintage Ungaro skirt! count me in!

    xx The Provoker

  10. That's a pretty cool outfit! Love your style!


  11. You my dear are the classiest and cutest!



  12. I've been following you since your appearance in Anna & Jesse's vlog and I must say I LOVE you & your fantastic blonde hair! Can't wait to see what's next.

  13. You look adorable.

  14. I think you've captured every possible vibe in this series of photos. Two thumbs up!

  15. Oh gosh, I truly love that first shot!

  16. Anonymous

    You looked great before with your natural hair color. You are beautiful, but I think you look better as a brunette.

  17. Anonymous

    plz plz tell me your vlogs are coming.

  18. You look absolutely amazing! That skirt is very cool and stylish

  19. nice blog!
    thanks for the comment.

  20. Great look. I love the first photo !

  21. Anonymous


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