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tasty tuesday: austin guide

April 15, 2014

Bad blogger here. Can't believe I didn't even mention on here once how much fun I had at SXSWi. First off, I got to ride a train from LA to ATX and met the raddest people. It's inevitable when you're stuck in a pretty confined area for 33 hours. One of my favorites was Instagram foodie extraordinaire, Patrick Janelle, who also used to work at Bon Appetite. After we realized we were star-crossed lovers, we spent every waking moment together for a week and he courted me with the best food in Austin. Hope he doesn't mind me sharing his secrets. Forewarn, I am in no means a food critic. You're better off reading Yelp.

Josephine House - Just so you know, every place I'm about to mention with the exception of one or two (maybe), is an interior decorator's fantasy. Ambiance really adds to an amazing meal and Josephine House doesn't fall short of that. Brunch is delicious as it is dynamic.

Uchi - Good sushi in Texas? Yes, try one of the best places I've had in the country. Modern and traditional and every single thing was so. cussing. good. The staff there is so knowledgeable that if you end up going, converse with your girl/guy and they'll hook it up. Waygu beef - unreal. I'd go back just for that.

Jeffery's - Talk about fine dining. The night was a blur after the martini cart arrived at our table to make us cocktails. All I remember was the incredible steak, amazing wine selection, and lobster blini. Everything else was super salty for my taste, but maybe I was there on a bad night.

Elizabeth Street Café - My favorite! Charming and casual Vietnamese brunch fusion. I know. I'm so particular on asian fusion too, but damn guys. This one just hits the nail on the head with every dish. I was surprised that everything tasted like home but with an elevated twist. So. Good.

Mother's Cafe - This is like the Austin version of Cafe Gratitude. Vegan, super healthy, light, refreshing, and everything you need during a hangover. Despite how low-key it is to everything else I posted, it's definitely one of my favorites.

Via 33 - Save your pennies, friends. A food truck stop finally. Square, Detroit style pizza. So good. So necessary. So worth stopping by at least once for a midnight guilt trip.

I can't wait to visit Austin again! Tweet me your favorites that didn't make the list!

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