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buy less, choose well

April 9, 2014

First off, I've had the H&M Conscious collection at my disposal for several days now and have already been stopped eight times by someone asking where I got my [insert item]. People are utterly in shock when I say H&M as I assure that they can buy their piece on April 10th.

Secondly, while the clothes are gifted, this post isn't. With H&M being a huge volume retailer, them making a conscious effort to use sustainable material is something I can get behind. There are many things to be environmentally aware of, and although the beachy backdrop allows me a perfect conversation starter about beach littering and oil waste, I rather touch base on this quote I ripped out of a magazine. Can't say which magazine because I totally forgot and am committing a UCI alumni citation felony.

Consumerism. Man that word is going to be a hot word the upcoming years, folks. Us fashionable ladies especially are hyper-inspired by bloggers, influencers, and advice columns telling us we're still missing that serum or sandal in our life. That our closets and medicine cabinet are forever insatiable. That if we're not wearing Birkenstocks, we're missing out on being relevant. That one product is ever so slightly different than one you already own, but you still need it. I hope with the handful of you that read my blog, there's one thing you can take away from this post and bring it with you into the rest of the year: IT'S OKAY. It's okay to wear something for years and years. I'm not saying to splurge on your wardrobe... just remember you, remember your style. Not mine, not another blogger, not some fashion editor. YOURS. At the end of the season, trends come and go, and we're only buying into them because it's being advertised at us left and right. Wear the things you love because you love it, not because Harper Bazaar told you to. Although, that Carven jacket is DAMN good.

Now that I'm done ranting, please enjoy these rad pictures and sans affiliate-linked post (because that would be the bad kind of irony) from beautiful Manhattan Beach.


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29 responses:

  1. This collection is everything! Can't wait to shop it tomorrow!

  2. wonderful pick!

  3. love that top! so gorgeous!


  4. Girl, those earrings are one of a kind!

    xo Jenny

  5. This was such an inspirational post! I think that women are much too influenced by what they "should" wear instead of focusing on what they want to wear. If you manage to combine them properly and keep them in shape, your clothes can be as new every time you wear them. Think about that next time you want to buy a dress which resembles the one you've got at home.

  6. I TOTALLY agree with you! am going to check out h&m right now!


  7. #words. I couldn't agree with you more, and frankly my bank account forces me to recycle and reuse anyway, it's a mixed blessing.

    Also, you look GORGEOUS!



  8. I love what you wrote up above. It is so true. I still love wearing my Chanel clogs from 2010 even though that trend has come and gone. Now it seems to be back yet again. It is always best to remember what you truly love, but it is definitely hard not to be influenced. I love that lace crochet top on you!

  9. i was thinking the same thing the other day, when a new perfume came out, and i wanted to buy it and thought hold on....i like the perfume ive got i really need another?

  10. I couldn't agree with you more about buying less. Investing in pieces that you know you'll really get uses out of is so crucial to shopping! Also, loving these pictures! You look gorgeous :)



  11. Hi Rachel, your point on consumerism is close to our hearts. We believe we all can make better use of what we already have. That's precisely what lead us to build closetremix for iPhone, so people could discover in their closets (with the help of their friends) cool outfit ideas they've never thought of.


  12. Love this post. Always try to remind myself of this.

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  14. Wow, thanks for being so honest in this post! Buying less and choosing well has been my motto for this year, after going on a shopping halt all of last year. It has really helped me reevaluate my needs vs. wants (or mainly wants) and what is actually going to withstand the test of me at least. And you're right, at the end of the day, it is OUR style and what we love that matters most. But I'd have to admit that I fell for the Birkenstock trend, but with good intention that I plan on wearing those things until they fall apart, which is hopefully not for another 15 years at the least!! : )

  15. Count me a new fan! Been catching up on your blog. So refreshing! I connect with your thoughts on so many levels. Stay true! The world needs more you!

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