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denim et collants

March 24, 2014

Now that I've successfully given my parents a heart attack, I present to you jacket and lip color of the year. Radical changes are happening post-blondness. Like, me going through a manic denim phase - preferably something vintage, something loved, something worn. Case in point this jacket I copped from eBay and my 501s. I still don't know how I feel showcasing motorcycle apparatuses across my back. The intimidating stares that follow either know I'm not worthy of the badges or want to converse about some Harley Davidson 2000cc Ladies ride. Kinda answered my own question just now.

On my lips is a wine color (Mulberry) from Bite. It's the best thing to put on before you leave the door.  My new thing is no eye makeup past 8pm. Unless it's a hot date, then you're allowed mascara. xx

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27 responses:

  1. Cool jacket, feeling very 90's grunge,

  2. Rockin that jacket, pretty awesome patches there ;)

    New Post up…

  3. So fierce!

  4. Blonde is such a good color on you, love how your playing it up!

    - Victoria | milkblacktea

  5. love your platinum blonde hair and acid wash denim jacket. definitely edgy and trendsetting.

    Whirlwind Romance Blog

  6. love your lip color!


  7. gorgeous!

  8. loving the hair

    xo, Liz

  9. Normally I'm opposite I like eye makeup at night. Love this post, you as a blonde is too freckin rad.

  10. Gorgeous denim and lace!


  11. Great heart-attack inducing look Rach! Looking hot as hell, and by hell, I do mean hell's angels! Or that hell you mentioned on instagram that has a special place for fashion bloggers. (I cringe a bit when I'm forced to call myself that, let's just stick with Hell's Angels).

    xx The Provoker

  12. Nice photos !

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