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love is blonde

February 19, 2014

Wearing Loup sweater. 

The moment I imagined myself blonde stemmed from staring at Kristen's hair color behind her RVCA office desk. But four years ago, it was only an intangible novelty, especially on an asian. A year later, Lulu showcased that asian hair can indeed get that blonde. But years past and I never had the urge, until I got reflection boredom.

I contacted Sassoon Costa Mesa, who has been doing my hair for years, with the notion that my 2014 hair was their canvas. Except I wanted to walk out of the salon peroxide blonde. Tani snipped away at my hair leaving the back a little shorter than the front, whilst adding texture by breaking up the straight bob I previously requested from a K-Town $30 haircut. Then Adriana consulted me on color. Three weeks later, I walked out a happy unicorn.

Some FAQs:

How long did that take?
Close to seven hours. If you ever go about a process this extensive, remember to bring snacks so you don't wander into the closest coffee shop with a head full of foil raiding all the energy bars. The bleach sat in my hair for maybe 2/3 hours at a time, but it was Adriana's meticulous application that look so long. There were maybe 30 strands between each sheet of foil that has been slathered with bleach. It's a daunting task that only a steadfast colorist can commit to fully.

What is all in the first try?
Honestly, I was so nervous I would be walking around a carrot top until my next appointment. Especially since my friend did a DIY peroxide job and ended up with just that. What helped a lot though was I had completely virgin hair. I've colored my hair before, but all that grew out. And we made note of that in the consultation.

Did the bleach hurt?
Not at all surprisingly. Also, not shampooing helped a lot with protecting the scalp.

Do blondes have more fun?
So far, yes.

What does your hair feel like?
"Go ahead, feel it", I tell people, "it basically feels the same. My hair has always been a little coarse. I guess now it tangles very easily." Detangling products were never something I looked into until now.

Do you use special shampoo and conditioners?
I'm still experimenting, but my first purchase is, Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Color Save - True Silver Shampoo and the conditioner. Feel free to chime in with suggestions!

Adding more...

How often will you be going back to get your hair retouched?
Every 3-4 weeks! But no later than 4 weeks. If your outgrowth gets too long, it will be harder to color match. Because the hair hair closest to the scalp (about 1/4 of an inch) processes faster than the rest of the hair, anything past it won't hold the bleach as well and can create a band of uneven color.

I have another appointment this weekend to get it rebleached and that will get rid of some of the coppery tones that comes out in certain lighting. Also, toning it to an ashy blonde. Tune in on Instagram!

If you guys want to schedule an appointment with Tani (head stylist) or Adriana (head colorist), give them a call at (714)556-5673!

This is not a sponsored post.

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25 responses:

  1. Looks awesome. I've always tried it when my hair was short but afraid to do it when its long. The maintenance of Asian hair gone blonde is so hard to keep up with. But it looks amazing!!

  2. Anonymous

    Looks great on you! How often will you be going back to get your hair retouched?

  3. You look beyond amazing! Absolutely gorgeous Rachel, love your hair. xo

  4. Awesome color! Please post make up tutorial, Rachel. <3

  5. Rachel, you look BANGIN' as a blonde! I wish I could be one of those Asians that can pull it off like you but unfortunately I think I'll have to stick with my dark hair. Seriously, stunning!

  6. You really can wear both hair colors. I love dark and blonde on you!

  7. i have wanted to go blonde for so long now! i have to wait until my friend's wedding in april as i'm a bridesmaid and have been banned from going blonde until after haha... i am chinese and have super black hair. thanks for your tips! they are super helpful. you look awesome blonde - but you are so pretty, i think you would still look good with orange hair too.

    reckless abandon

  8. oh. my. gawd. you look so amazing!!! I've always dreamt of having blonde hair but knew it would be too much up keep for a lazy person like me. Can't wait to see the final color on instagram!

  9. OMG!! Blonde!! Looks awesome on you ;))

    New Post up…

  10. Now that I see you blonde I can't imagine you with any other hair color :) Looks good!

  11. You look amazing!!! Love the blond with the red top! perfect!

    Dress To Cook

  12. You look amazing, loving the change :)!


  13. I wish I could pull off this blonde, but I'm not brave enough to try it haha. It looks amazing on you!

  14. You are so brave! Love how you have the shorter textured hairstyle to balance out the blonde color!

    Stop by :)

  15. Babe- your personality totally rocks this look! Speaks volumes without having to say much at all! LOVE the bleached blonde action, your swag reminds me a lot of Gwen Stefani circa late 90's. Stunna!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  16. You look so beautiful as a blonde! I wish I was brave enough to bleach my hair...I'm asian too and I'm always scared of damaging my hair. It's a natural brown for me right now, but someday I'm going to go lighter!



  17. LOVE!

    xo Jennifer

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