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the next big thing

December 4, 2013

I love whipping out the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. There's such a wide range of mixed reactions: "the screen is huge!" to "holy omg omg you have the Samsung already??" - the power of being star struck. Then I go to explain that Samsung and WhoWhatWear are partnering with a bunch of fashion bloggers to play around with the phone and the gear (the second question that people ask me if they know what's up is "do you have the watch?").

I've never really tried a smart phone outside of the iPhone. But after using the Samsung for a while, I dig how many more features the phone comes with. Particularly swipe texting, the big screen to take pictures, the options that come in the camera; it's like having a small personal computer. Definitely a conversation starter. I find myself discovering new features with drunk people hovered over my shoulder. Like playing around with the stylus to turn hand writing into documents and contacts. The list goes on. I don't even think I've touched the tip of what the phone can do yet, but be sure to follow me on Instagram to see all my uses. 

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14 responses:

  1. I will always choose Samsung over iPhone. iPhone visually is pretty but Samsung phones do so much more to me.

  2. Dang it's a huuuuge phone. I bet it's hard to use with one hand only. (Btw you have the cutest hairdo here).

  3. That screen is just HUGE, like seriously XD

    New Post up…

  4. I've played with one! I like them but they're way too big for my preference!

  5. lovely!


  6. That's pretty awesome, maybe I'll upgrade to that next!

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