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do you see me at all?

December 2, 2013

Halston Heritage blouse. American Apparel jeans. Opening Ceremony boots. Lauren Merkin bag. 

Still recovering from a much needed 4-day weekend. Really not ready to be in front of a computer again, but this coffee shall do. Hope you all had a lovely weekend x


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23 responses:

  1. Super cute location and your top's color go perfectly with it ;))

    New Post up…

  2. Love the boots....;)

  3. i love those jeans!


  4. Q

    nice location and cute outfit.

  5. Fantastic boots and blouse!

  6. I love the way you made use of the background in your photoshoot. It really added a fun element to both the atmosphere and the clothing.

    xo Emmy

  7. Your outfit looks perfect with the background/graffiti writing :) Loving that top so much, obsessed with that deep magenta color!!


  8. Love the outfit! So cute and simple. xx

  9. Love your boots!

  10. adorable!


  11. recovering from a weekend.. those are the best weekends <3

  12. Lovely look.
    Very soon.

  13. What a great backdrop! Love the shirt

    xox greta

  14. You look fantastic!

    xo Jennifer

  15. I love love this looK! The colors are great and such beautiful pictures!
    x J. from I ate noodles for breakfast

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