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fashion friday: working at paige

November 15, 2013

A random, hidden fact: I worked at Paige Denim for a while designing menswear with my dear friend David as the men's creative director. I was randomly browsing Hypebeast and had a rush of fond memories when I saw a post of Paige Geller talking men's denim.

This video hit home for me. It was rather humbling to revisit pants I helped develop, familiar faces I once pleaded for rushed favors, the exact location I tripped and fell, and my moodboard! Close ups of our denim and ideas stagnant in time - some going from concepts to full garments.

Anyway, glad to see you guys doing well. The Men's Holiday collection looks great on the site ;)

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13 responses:

  1. lovely!!!.. what speaks to me most is this..... first off, I love the brand... but now I love it just that bit more because it is very rare to find someone that has moved on from a place of work that they still hold love and respect for. that says a lot about the brand and you!... lovely post and great vid.

  2. thats so cool you used to work there!

  3. holy crap I love your blog.

    I'm new to this and love how inspiring bloggers like you are!


  4. It must be so great to see a old work place like that! Your blog is really great! Such a high class layout as well!

  5. Excellent entry! I'm been looking for style as interesting as this.

  6. It is nice to hear that fashion and work can get along together.

  7. Anonymous

    Love the YouTube video. Love supporting made in America

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