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truly original

October 18, 2013

Lauren Merkin bag. True Religion jeans. Carven flats (similar). Vintage Chanel sweater.

Glad that the denim industry is finally stripping down to the roots of authentic denim. For a while it was so hard to find a great pair without a ton of stretch and frilly designs. I just want a pair of 100% cotton jeans.

There's a veiled irony in the picture above - True Religion [and Chanel] was once a brand I only coveted in high school and grew out of it when the industry shifted. I've been working with and wearing True Religion for the past year or so because I think they're one of the LA brands that embodies their iconic fit - but now elevated.

Maison Scotch sweater. True Religion jeans. Zara pumps. Vintage Louis Vuitton.

I'm so stoked about these boyfriend jeans. One of the things about 100% cotton is how characteristic the wash looks since there's no spandex weaved into the indigo to affect the process. Truly original. Try on a pair of Originals by True Religion and see what I'm talking about. Visit any True Religion store from the South Bay to Beverly Hills to try on a pair and get $50 off your purchase. 

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20 responses:

  1. Cute bag. That Vintage Chanel is to die!

  2. Got to admit... I love a little lycra in my jeans... I find them a more comfortable fit... with that said ...I often return to my trusty vintage jeans that are 100% cotton... and I truly love them!.... they are so worn that the material has soften a they have the comfort of mixed material.
    Love the Carven shoes!... too cute.x

  3. I have a few pair of True Religion and they are so comfy! Love the soft cotton! These Boyfriend jeans are great!

    <3 Vicki

  4. Love the comfy look of the Boyfriend Jean. You look great! I would love for you to check out my blog.


  5. The thick cuffing really made the look and the boyfriend style is so subtle, I love! x

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  6. the cuffed jeans are looking chic!

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  7. Those are a great pair of jeans!

    xo Jennifer

  8. In love with the sweater <3

  9. cute shoes!


  10. Thanks for the lovely comment, your blog is awesome, I like it a lot. You definitely got yourself a new follower ;)

  11. Anonymous

    Jumper is lovely, looks so comfortable and beautiful colours. It goes really well with the jeans.
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  12. Read your post about your GPA. You're truly a stand out blogger and a major babe. It's an inspiration to read about your fashion and life adventures. Thanks Rachel!

    One of these days, we need to make good on those shots.

    xx -jo

  13. Boyfriend jeans have been always my passion. I have a lot of them in my wardrobe. You wear it very, very cool.
    Regards from Spain.

  14. love that sweater! the colors are so pretty


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  15. Love the vintage Chanel sweater! So cute!

    xo, Connie

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