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second layer

October 3, 2013

Funny story how this picture manifested here on my blog (and of course Instagram). These extremely-talented, well-dressed, good-looking gentlemen were at one point a subject of my professional internet lurking.

They first caught my eye when I spotted them decked in all black, rocking sunglasses indoors at some casino in Vegas. Likely, because of the trade shows. The next day I came across their booth Second Layer (had no idea they were the designers), and it was one of the only booths I found inspiring. Think: black and white rack full of fresh, elevated essentials. Bummed they weren't showing women's stuff, but the clean, structured lines were still brilliantly executed.

Fast forward to fashion week. Since I'm perpetually running late, I'm racing through the subway in this beautiful outfit that I was just gifted through another label (details forthcoming) to meet with a friend at Sass and Bide, who's completely blowing up my phone telling me to hurry - oops. But in front of me, waiting for the same train are the gentlemen from Second Layer. While normally shy, there was a lot adrenaline running through me and I was feeling particularly good in this outfit, so I introduced myself. We hit it off to the point that in the 5 min train ride I convinced them to see Sass and Bide with me. Now, four of us, trying to get to know each other and get direction between breaths, are running to the show and miss it. My friend got in the show and started texting me sad faces. The next three hours goes something like this: waiting around, getting complimented by Vera Wang, eating Cafe Hababa corn and margaritas in SoHo, and leaving mid lunch to catch my plane back. Oh, and I haven't seen them since. So this was basically a really long post dedicated to the boys who better call me and hang out.

But seriously, this outfit - a coincident that I match them. Another story forthcoming.

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18 responses:

  1. cool

  2. what are the chances! how exciting. it sure is a small world


  3. those stunning men and you make the most perfect picture!


  4. Congrats for your courage <3 You match perfect together and you wear such an awesome outfit which I really like because in the last time I´m really into cropped tops, but seeing you wear this perfect look, I know I have many to learn regarding my look with a cropped top :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. Look at you! Realistically nothing short of fate? Perfect story. You exude cool, and this photo is way perfect.

    xo, Juliette Laura

  6. That's such a cool quirky story & I love the photo that goes with it. You all look so classy.

    The Fashann Monster

  7. wow, you look so chic. almost didn't recognise you.

    reckless abandon blog

  8. Wow, such a small world! I really enjoyed that story.

  9. sleek!


  10. Umm, yeah, your blog is amazing. I'm definitely following :)

    x Joana, When You Dream Big

  11. brilliant. you look so good, girl. the dude in the black shades ain't too bad either. x

  12. Absolutely gorgeous!

    xo Jennifer

  13. You look beautiful!

  14. You're effortlessly stylish as always! What is this beautiful, enigmatic outfit you are sporting? Pray tell !

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