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a day with loeffler randall

September 26, 2013

Leather vest and shirt. Loeffler Randall boots. Isabel Marant skirt

A while ago I packed my begs and drove to one of my favorite city in the States - VEGAS. It's a little contradictory to the more typical Vegas style, but I ended up wearing these boots almost exclusively. Lots of the trip was a blur and the only pictures I can muster are of me desert stomping.

I went to Vegas last month to peruse all the trade shows and get some inspiration for a side project I'm working on. Comb in some industry parties and some detours on the drive home, and the rest is kind of history. We accidentally stumbled on this spot while looking for clean bathrooms and cold ice cream. It was an abandoned motel that was so perfectly kitschy as it was creepy. Stomped around in my boots, got my ice cream, and called it a day.

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18 responses:

  1. Love those boots!


  2. lovely booties!


  3. Fantastic boots and shirt!

  4. that jacket is great! love it

  5. Love these boots! They look so unique and pretty :)))


  6. Amazing photos!!
    comment/ follow @

  7. Love this style more than "typical vegas style" , you look so rad! Love it!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  8. love those booties!


  9. Great pics, the boots are fab!


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