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the translucent effect

August 1, 2013

Holy crap. I can't even see the screen right now, why? Because I've spent the last two weeks staring at the screen coding/developing the impossible. I've been dying to get a new layout up. I've tinkered with new ideas and concepts, but with the design direction of my friend Weston, I was able to put together what you see here.

I've finally organized all my blog posts. Weekly posts will be organized differently. Things actually have labels on them so you can browse around. Navigate up top! I'll even have an FAQ posted, but for now, look below for the About Me page. I'm so excited to add more content, so seriously, stay tuned you guys. 

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15 responses:

  1. it's so pretty! wow, i love it!


  2. this looks fantastic!!!!!!!
    love the new layout, the watercolours eep! gorgeous.

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  4. This looks incredible! Excited to see how far you've come since the early days ;) And hope you're doing well -- Irvine reppin' it!

    -Valerie C

  5. It looks absolutely beautiful!! Great job. well worth the blurry eye sight.


  6. Wow Love it! It has became a very unique lay-out. And very you as well!

    Personal blog: Tao of Sophia
    Founder of Blog and The City

  7. ah! looks WONDERFUL. I love the color palette, the identity design. allsogood.

  8. Your new header is so great! Gorgeous!

    xo Jennifer

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