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lippy kids on the corner again

August 9, 2013

American Apparel shirt. Zara skirt. Miu Miu shoes. Madeline Chadwhick bag. 

This shirt completes my life and wardrobe in the most pleasantly distasteful way. I've seriously been waiting around for the perfect lips printed shirt and couldn't believe when I saw it at American Apparel. Do people still not like them? Because I'm still such a fan.

Battling cabin fever and finding miscellaneous coffee shops to work out of and found myself at La Mill breaking in my sparkly Miu Mius. I've been working on a huge project completely unblog related. The past summer I've felt the biggest serge of inspiration and am channelling all this through various outlets. I'm the most motivated I've ever felt in my life and it feels good. Good shit is happening guys and I'm putting it out in the universe for you to feed off of. Have a lovely weekend - I'm hoping to get my #bladebabez out for a stroll in Venice.

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28 responses:

  1. such a cute top!

  2. Cutie! I love the outfit, and I am still not over how perfect the layout is!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  3. i love that top! i have it too and i wear it to death.

  4. adorable!


  5. Beautiful sandals and skirt!

  6. CUUUUUUUTE !!!! :)

  7. Love the skirt and the cute top! You look gorgeous!
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  8. I love your shoes!! Where's the close up!!??:)

  9. Ooh that is the perfect little black skirt!

    xo Jennifer

  10. A have a very similar top that I got from Zara but that AA cropped one is way cuter! You rock it so well :)


  11. Such a cute crop top.

  12. love your top and skirt!

  13. Love the new layout and that top is adorable!

  14. That's so cute!!! Loving it!

  15. super cute ! visit my blog

  16. love ur top and bag! such a unique design

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  17. Those darn kids!
    Sorry, I just couldn't help it :) That title just made me laugh a little.

    That lip print is pretty cool and just enough on the crop top. I was at American Apparel the other day and didn't see it...I'll have to keep my eyes peeled the next time I'm there. Those sparkly Miu Mius definitely complete everything though. They're just too cute!
    Thanks for the good vibes you're sending out. I could definitely use them to power through this crazy summer!

    The SEAREX

  18. so cute and fun!


  19. This outfit is so adorable! I love the fun little peek of midriff from the crop top and I've been looking for a short skirt like that forever; I'll have to check out Zara now for one!

  20. You look so adorable! Very stylish :)

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  21. Super cute shirt! Love how you combined this!

    xoxo Iris

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