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why believe it

June 25, 2013

Greylin suit (shorts + similar blazer). Minkpink top. Lancaster bag. Shoemint loafers. Beso Beso bracelet. 7FAM x Nikki Reed necklace.

K guys, I think I perfected the formula for a cool summer uniform. Like, I'm not one to boast, but I am so proud of this outfit. There's no going up from here folks. My blog might as well die - in this outfit - along with Google Reader. Zing! Jk, please don't leave me. Just follow me on Bloglovin'.

Only this chambray suit can make me feel snarky and cool. Well, it's the only chambray suit I own - would be so strange I owned more than one. It's like owning more than one shampoo, but people do that too. I'm not one to question or judge. Let's just shampoo and frolic in our denim suits together.

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32 responses:

  1. I'm a one shampoo girl, and a zero chambray suit girl. And after seeing this, that has got to change. (The suit count. not the shampoo). Anyway. You are the best, so don't even worry already following you on bloglovin'!

    Juliette Laura

  2. lovely corp top!


  3. Great blazer and bag!

  4. I LOVE this look on you. i think this is the best i have seen you look.

    reckless abandon blog

  5. The suit is so amazing! It's definitely worth boasting about and being proud of. You look amazing!


  6. There's something so wrong yet so right about this suit!! The longer I look at this outfit, the more I like it.

  7. LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Great short x

  8. Beautiful outfit and photos! Love your suit and the light is perfect!

  9. awesome suit my dear !!!

  10. love this full look!

  11. I am wearing a similar blazer today, love this.


  12. Very cool outfit.. Think I may even attempt to sew myself a similar ensemble.

  13. You look darling. And let's face it, this ensemble is great motivation to keep the legs toned! The jacket is key - elevates the look.

    Already following you on Bloglovin. Cheers.

  14. Rachel, you're so amazing and I'm already following you on bloglovin' girrl. haha.

    This is probably my most favorite outfit on you :) I think this is the first time I've seen a chambray suit and it's so pretty that I want one for myself. Can't get enough of chambray!


  15. adore that short suit on you!


  16. A linen suit with shorts - awesome idea for the summer!!!

  17. Fresh take on denim on denim!

    xo Jennifer

  18. Love everything about this outfit ;)

  19. That suit is fabulous. I need it!

  20. Love this look!


  21. I never thought I'd like a denim suit so much, you look great!

  22. I don't really like the idea of denim on denim but this is awesome. And already following you on bloglovin!


  23. love this suit and how you styled it!

  24. Denim can be so chic.

  25. ive seen this outfit on your instagram and couldn't be any more obsessed.


  26. Oh gosh, I love suits, I love short suits even more and this looks perfect! In other words: I NEED THAT SUIT!
    Did I say you look perfect already?

    xoxo Iris

  27. Caught a glimpse on tumblr and just had to pop by. Great simple outfit and definitely eye catching! LOVES IT!

  28. great blue shirts match with shorts.

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