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pleated guilty

June 10, 2013

American Apparel body suit. Vintage Armani skirt. Zara bag. Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony heels. By Boe anklet. Giles and Brother cuff.

Kind of throwing together a bunch of things I really like. And while black shoes would have been a better option, I couldn't wait to take these mary-janes out for a walk. A year ago, I posted this on my Wishful Wednesday and was so bummed when they sold out everywhere. Couldn't believe it when I saw it on eBay for a steal, so I clicked them on home.

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36 responses:

  1. I adore that midi length pleated skirt. I can see why you've been eyeing those mary-janes!

    Suzie Q

  2. Obsessed with this look! You loook wonderful!

    Juliette Laura

  3. These shoes are seriously one of the most darling things ever! Love the bow!

  4. amazing sunnies!


  5. Fantastic skirt and shoes!

  6. love the body suit!


  7. So gorgeous Rachel!
    Those heels are absolute stunning to say the very least. I'm a bit loss for do you even begin to describe such chunkily delicate things of beauty?? The cognac (though perhaps not optimal) is such a nice buttery soft shade that pairs nicely with the wood of the platform. Feminine bows perk up the neutral colors for a very mega ladylike shoe that just makes this outfit. Your black pleated skirt is soo fancy and provides just the right amount of balance to that floral bodysuit (which I must admit is freaking rad).
    Your wavy hair adds a nice beachy relaxation and your blush sunglasses are just cutesy in a word.

    Even after all that rambling, I'm still jealous of those heels though. I can't believe you found them for a steal on eBay...I guess it's time to start hanging around there in hopes of having the same luck! :)


  8. oooh gosh rachel - perfect top, skirt, shoes - everything !! you totally rock with this outfit !! :)
    have a nice day and kisses

  9. Such a beautiful pics!


  10. oh i am so in love with this look!

  11. i just love this look!

  12. Adore this look! I love the midi skirt and those shoes are just amazing!! :)

  13. Pleats are underrated. I'm looking for a black pleated mini skirt. Not big chunky pleated, but perfect ones like in your skirt. Oooooh so good. And those shoes! um .. score?! They're so damn good too.

  14. I love this outfit ! And this sunglasses...woouahou !

  15. Digging the pleated black midi, it's nearly an exact replica of the one that has been hanging out in my dreams lately!


  16. Love that look! The print on the top is so cute!

  17. gorge! love that skirt with those shoes


  18. This is the second time I've seen this skirt. I'm so in love with it. You look very elegant and lady like.


  19. Love the bodysuit!

    xo Jennifer

  20. Absolutely in love with those heels!!

  21. Cute shoes!!

  22. Love the skirt! I really feel like I should get a pleated skirt, it looks so good!

  23. Everything about this is so perfect! You look stunning.
    -Kate xo

  24. I do love this outfit so much!
    So stunning xx

  25. You look stunning! Love everything about this outfit! I want it all! :)

    xoxo Iris

  26. Wow!!! Love your style!!! Those shoes are so cute!!!

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  27. Perfection!


  28. I really love this pleaded skirt and the length of it. So adorable.

  29. in love with these shoes!

    I have been looking for a slightly lower heeled pair for a while now...

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  31. My next look features a similar style I bought of those shoes in black because those sold out. So good, lucky you.

  32. Wow, u look amazing, love that skirt and top!

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