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summer makeup buys

May 3, 2013

S/S13 Makeup

Every season I notice that my entire makeup bag is completely updated with new buys. Wanted to share with you guys what I'm into right now and will follow up with a beauty post tomorrow!

1. Stila in Lyric - This color palette is so gorgeous, like a little work of art that is so pretty to look at. I'm not entirely sure the best use for this is, for me, there are different color way that would benefit as an eyeshadow, but with this, i like to put a little on my finger and run it across my cheekbones.

2. NARS x Pierre Hardy - These colors are so impossibly gorgeous in the  collection. And the brown and pink combo was a high school favorite I almost forgot I loved.

3. Sephora lipstick in Coral Calling - I am convinced this color looks good on everyone. Really, I had multiple girls try it in my office and it looked good on everyone. The only thing, I'm not fond of the texture, but I love that it's matte. But I tried a few other corals, YSL, Smashbox, etc, and this one was the best color.

4. Tarte concealer - I finally switched to a new concealer! Personally, I go for a stickier texture. This one is perfect between tacky and creamy. It was recommended to me by a makeup artist and I haven't looked back since!

5. T. LeClerc eyeshadow in Flamand Rose - I don't wear eyeshadow often but lately I've loved the look of rubbing a little bit of pinkish brown eyeshadow around the rim of my eyes. So, splurging on one perfect color wasn't a bad choice.

6. Killian solid perfume - Never really went for a solid perfume, but this one smells so incredibly gorgeous! I recently realized that I am definitely a fruity floral girl. This  smells heavenly on my skin!

7. Meow Cosmetics - This is one of my favorite brands. It's so underrated and the website is tacky, but the product is awesome. I've been using this powder for a year now, and I love it. It's so smooth and fluffy, affordable and best of all, all natural. I love their other products too, blush and eyeshadows.

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8 responses:

  1. amazing picks!


  2. I love your picks. The lipstick looks totally gorgeous. I never heard of meow cosmetics but I will check the site out. The powder looks great :)



  3. love it!

  4. Nice list, I love the Nars polishes
    new outfit post

  5. I want to try that Tarte concealer.

  6. WTF I must have myself one of those Stila palettes.

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