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May 13, 2013

Stylemint Hartford shirt. One Teaspoon skirt. Shoemint loafers. PLV purse. Vanessa Mooney body chain.

Two things I never envisioned myself embracing: body chains and flats on the daily. While body chains, and even the terminology, still send undisclosed images through my mind, the simplicity and thickness of the brass chains was deemed appropriate by Ms. Mooney, and therefore me. At least when played down with a basic. Totally the only way to go with these chains. Also, breaching only 5'5 vertically, my usual goal of leaving the house 5'7+ was squashed when I realized that I'm so over heels. Jk, I'm not. But damn, I've forgotten the comfort of flats.

Home for the weekend enjoying family time for Mother's Day. Funny how it feels like nothing's changed when you're in your old bedroom... even though it turned into an office. 

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27 responses:

  1. oh i loveeee those shoes. i have such big feet i can't get away with menswear style footwear, but i'm alway so envious of women who can. it's such a cute look.


  2. Love this post! Sometimes, flats are the way to go. Cool body chain too!

    Juliette Laura

  3. I like that body chain!

    xo Jennifer

  4. amazing styling!


  5. LOVE the body chain. It really makes the outfit.
    Super cool.
    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style

  6. awesome skirt babe !!! admire :)

  7. I think you can drop the extra two inches for those them :)


  8. A good mix of heels and flats keeps a stylish girl sane, we say! Cute shorts!!

    Trendy Mondays

  9. I should really get on Shoemint, it seems like they have some really awesome styles!


  10. I have a crush on your body chain. Let me rephrase that please; I have a HUGE crush on your body chain!

    XO from Malta,

  11. i love the skirt and body chain!

  12. Love the pretty skirt <3




  13. When it comes to fashion and style, Never say never because we grow and so does our style and taste. Lokking good.


  14. love the loafers and the printed skirt!!

  15. I've never really seen a body chain worn a person before but it's very cool and different. I'm obsessed with flats but being 5'1'', I'm trying to learn to love heels.

  16. Those loafers are killer... and so refreshing in white.
    You're body chain adds the perfect touch of cool to this outfit too. Killer.

  17. Thanks for sharing this song, it's a super cool discovery <3

  18.'s percfect and fashionable...

  19. Ohhh I loved your is so refreshing...


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