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DIY files with Forever 21

April 9, 2013

About a month ago, Forever 21 reached out to me to help film some DIYs. I've already heard about the amazing team from mutual friends and was so excited to get creative with them. Well, turns out have been the funnest team I've had the pleasure of working with! We spent the whole day in my apartment film and shooting. Kind of gnarly having 10+ people in my tiny apartment at once.

A little intro to the series:   

With all the festivals coming up, we thought it'd be the perfect time to showcase some fun DIYs to do the week of with your friends! It's a nice way to post-prep an exciting weekend. Click through the videos and hope you enjoy them!!

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19 responses:

  1. perfect diys !!!

  2. So obsessed with this video and you love! Fabulous DIYS
    If you get a second, give me your thoughts on my latest post! I l'd love to hear from you!

  3. Never knew you were so good at DIYing! These videos really showcase your innate talent, not to mention your ADORABLE studio apartment and kitty! I've been an avid follower for years, and I'm so happy to see you and your blog grow. Keep it up, girl! XO

  4. Love the t-shirt!!!

  5. amazing diys!you have such a vibrant and sweet personality, loved listening to you!

  6. I'm feeling inspired! And you have a beautiful voice (as well as style).

  7. The videos are so cute and I love your diy. I will try to make a flower crown. Thanks for sharing :)



  8. You are so cute in the video and I like the mouth sound!

  9. Unlike most DIY's, which are questionable, I would actually do these!

  10. Rachel, just watched the intro video. You're so cute!

  11. Oh my goodness, you're the freaking CUTEST! I love these videos and it's so fun to hear your voice/see your sweet smile after following your outfit posts for so long. :) XOXO - Jessie

  12. Wow I would love to do a video!

  13. Check out my D.I.Y Blog <3

    D.i.y: fashion: music: fun

  14. You are the cutest thing! Loved all these videos.

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