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snow white

March 5, 2013

Le Petit Petit leather jacket. Chaser sweater. Boulee skirt. Wildfox heels. 

Last of the New York pictures, just a wishful spring outfit adorned in leather to accomodate for the foot of snow. While I felt silly wearing platform sandals in this weather, the shoes lifted my feet perfect above snow level. In conclusion, platforms = perfect snow shoes.

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24 responses:

  1. incredible and little bit 'crazy' match !! love it, so original :)

  2. Love the bright skirt and that sweater.


  3. stunning shots

  4. Love the bright colors of this outfit! Can't believe you were wearing open toes in inches deep of snow!

    Suzie Q

  5. what a perfect outfit to brighten up a all white day!

  6. The neon items are the perfect pick-me-up hues!

  7. lovely!


  8. Perfectly matched and mis-matched. You look great, and I'm firmly in the camp of "black leather goes with everything."


  9. Loving the bright pink!

    xo Jennifer

  10. That's awesome, love to see your daring fashion choices.. hope you weren't too cold!

  11. you look like an asian version of alexa chung! :)

  12. love the burst of colour!

  13. Good blog! Congrats!!

  14. Stylish look. I don´t think sandals are the perfect snow shoes but I have never tried it before :-)



  15. love!

  16. You look so beautiful! x

  17. I love this skirt! I'm always a fan of a pop of color like this.

  18. White shoes, no socks it the snow...I love love love it! You are daring and gorgeous all together!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  19. Your hair!!! I adore itt

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