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camo canteen

March 29, 2013

Miu Miu top. Supermuse overalls. Philip Lim shoes. Rebecca Minkoff purse.

Every season I find myself filtering-in new overalls. Maybe I'm a little too comfortable wearing overalls. But these, as with every pair I own, are like, way cooler than normal denim overalls thus why it found a hanger in my closet. Twilled camo makes me feel like I should be handling artillery of some sorts, but instead, I'm wandering Hancock Park looking for fresh smoothies.

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31 responses:

  1. I think I literally need overalls! Normally I am not a huge camo fan, but I love this! You look great!

    Juliette Laura

  2. absolutely in love with this outfit. It's so cute and carefree and it really suits you :)

  3. You made an overall look chic ! Love that look on you !

  4. How cute are these overalls? love it


  5. I need to figure out a way to pull off overalls because this is amazing!

    xo Jennifer

  6. adorable!


  7. that overall is the cutest thing i've ever seen!

  8. Not sure I could pull them off but you look really cool in them!

  9. I love the mix! Very cute camo overall!

    In the Mean

  10. casual but chic! love the overalls!

  11. I love the overalls! So unique, and you totally rock them :)

  12. Wow incredibly cool. Love your camo overall <3



  13. very unique pair of overalls!

    and i would sign up for any war that only requires me to go in search of delicious beverages!


  14. Looks amazing. I think these are the best overall's i've seen :)) Love it! x

  15. You look so great! I'm not really into overall but in camo it looks really good! and it suits you so well

  16. Overalls are great on you ! Love your outfit !

  17. Those might just be the coolest overalls I have ever seen. They are definitely way more stylish than traditional denim ones. I'm loving the camo trend right now!

  18. I'm incredibly obsessed with camo. Hence I'm absolutely loving this. Camo overalls?? It's like a dream come true!!

  19. if I wore overalls, it would have to be this pair

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  20. I found your blog on Bloglovin! I love your style.

  21. Camo overalls, sold!


  22. Amazing!

  23. no one has ever made a wavy bob and overalls look this good. i'm obsessed with your blog and am showing my support via bloglovin!

    it'd be swell if you find my blog awesome too and returned the favour :)
    pandaphilia fashion

  24. Great style! I love a good overall and jumpsuit! Easy to wear!


  25. I'm getting so encouraged to try out a pair of overalls! I love the camo print and you totally make them your own :)

  26. Found your blog while searching for my own overalls to purchase and I'm so glad I did, you look awesome!

  27. love this!!! comfy but styling you still look fab..=)

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