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tired of this black and blue

February 9, 2013

Le Petit Petit jacket. Forever 21 turtleneck. Vintage MCM bag, Armani skirt, gloves. BCBG hat. Vanessa Mooney necklace.
 As always during this season, there are so many outfit deviations as I find myself scrambling to brave the snow... a really foreign feeling for a west coaster. Luckily, I was able to snag a summer hat (because I weirdly thought I need one?) from a gifting lounge and wear that to protect me from the snow. Original outfit here. Also spaced out and didn't bring boots because again, I don't think about what it's really like being in snow. Ugh. Going to be slipping around on these patent pumps the rest of this weekend because they're the most weather proof shoes I really brought. 

This jacket has saved me so many seasons. After years of obsessive and loyal wearing, it's finally so perfectly broken in that I can't imagine my life without it. Thank you Logan for designing the most perfect leather jacket in the world.

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29 responses:

  1. lovely outfit. gosh it looks so cold down there! xx

  2. perfect idea with these socks honey!!! admire ♥

  3. lovelyy outfit!

  4. great look

  5. Cute snow outfit! Good luck with your patent pumps in the snow this weekend!

    Suzie Q
    GIVEAWAY: Yuni Kelley Designs (J Crew inspired) Bracelet

  6. I adore your skirt and the socks are the perfect touch.


  7. Gorgeous skirt and bag!

  8. Love your outfit color scheme!

    Juliette Laura

  9. lovely pops of blue!


  10. :/ maybe that's just an excuse to buy more weatherproof shoes ;) the summer hat totally works in this winter outfit, so that's a plus

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  11. You look absolutely fantastic!!!!

  12. you pull this look off so well, lady :)


  13. you looked so pretty!

  14. Argh snow is just so fashion-week-innapropriate :P

  15. Super lovely and chic. Looks french inspired :-)




  16. love how you layered up this look!

  17. Love!

    xo Jennifer

  18. love everything about this bad ass outfit! you rock it

  19. love the socks!


  20. I love the contrast of black and such a bright blue together!

  21. It looks great! Sometimes the most unexpected combinations turn out the best

  22. I think you are the only one who could pull off this leather look with the polka dot socks!!!
    Alexia of Sweet Bird + vintage shop, Beautiful Savage

  23. The socks and the hat <3333 You've got such a killer eye, so unique.


  24. love this! Thank you for the inspiration!!

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  27. Anonymous

    miike snow!!!

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