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in a cocoon

February 17, 2013

H&M Coat. Vintage Hat. Cameo Dress. PAIGE leather leggings. Wildfox x Jeffrey Campbell Shoes.  

Whoops, neglected the blog for a bit. I've barely had the chance to breathe once I got back from New York. Work has been insanely hectic, but I couldn't be happier because I know how rare it is to genuinely love the job and work environment you walk into every morning. It's definitely made me realize that success isn't measured by image or money, it's about doing what you love to do and making a difference one way or another. 

Pictures by Jason

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35 responses:

  1. the best shape for coat in my opinion !!! :) great piece for layering by the way, right?♥

  2. You are very lucky indeed to have found the job of your dreams! Love your oversized coat!

  3. Fabulous coat and great outfit :)

  4. perfect look, the coat and fedora, I want them!


  5. This look is one of my favorite ever on u!!!!

  6. i want your hat!

  7. Now this is most definitely the perfect way to style a pair of Wildfox heels.

    So into Cocoon coat sat the moment too.


  8. Love how you mix the hat, the coat and those beautiful 60´s style white shoes.

    xxoo from Spain.

  9. Love this coat! Great pants too! Cocoon is Living Design this year!

    Zoe xxx

  10. Stylish and cool. The shoes are killer!!!!



  11. Great coat and shoes.


  12. love the oversized coat and white platforms!

  13. fascinating coat!


  14. Love this!

    xo Jennifer

  15. That hat is perfect for you! You're lucky to have a job you love so much.

  16. Anonymous

    Love, love loveeeee that texture on the coat!

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  17. Lovely Coat! And your hat beautiful! :) Visit my website:

  18. I love your coat and the fact that you paired it with these gorgeous white heels!

  19. The coat is phenomenal! How did you survive without a scarf?!

    I miss NYC so much. Wish I could've been there this season for the shows...


  20. York and one point or another in my life, but the thought of having seasons It's something I can only wrap my head around when I'm baring all in piercing cold weather.

  21. glad to see you managed to keep warm during fashion week. it was a challenge for sure :)

  22. I love your outfit!You inspire my style a lot and you are so on point about what you said about a job.x

  23. that coat is amazing! liking how oversized it is!

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