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February 22, 2013

Paige jeans and shirt. Le Petit Petit jacket. Stylestalker belt. Wildfox shoes. H&M socks. BCBG bag.

 Can't quite remember what show I was coming from wearing this, I just remember being incredibly tense from chattering my teeth all morning. I've always seen myself living in New York and one point or another in my life, but the thought of having seasons?! It's something I can only wrap my head around when I'm baring all in piercing cold weather. 

On a California note, Topshop opened at the Grove. Have yet to check it out but am so excited to this weekend! Anyone stop by yet?

Photo from and Liz

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25 responses:

  1. Such a cute outfit, your shoes with those socks are awesome!

    Juliette Laura

  2. polka dotted socks - major obsession

  3. polka dotted socks the best of the best :)

  4. Killer shoes!

    xo Jennifer

  5. Gorgeous. I only just found your blog (through Late Afternoon) but I love it.
    I will be coming back

    LFW street style

  6. Love those polka dot socks!!
    Dots make everything cuter.


  7. Simple pero bonita! Besos

  8. fabulous jacket!


  9. Seriously the cutest outfit! You know how to rock your socks! :)

  10. Gah. Another badass, awesome outfit.

  11. I absolutely love your hair! I stopped by, it's pretty big-- but not as big as NYC. I like the way it's organized by collection, makes it a lot easier to find stuff

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  12. I LOVE your polkadot socks with this outfit. Makes it quirky and cool!

  13. a little tough and a little school girl, love it!

  14. so love this!

  15. Love the polkadot socks, great city look. You must have been freezing!

  16. You look sooo pretty!!

  17. awesome outfit! you do look cold in the last shot! i hate when your so cold but trying to pose for photos its so hard! happens a lot to me being from cold and rainy Ireland! :) xx

  18. I find myself scrambling to brave the snow. a really foreign feeling for a west coaster Luckily, I was able to snag a summer hat from a gifting lounge and wear that to protect me from the snow.

  19. Love the polka dotted socks!
    I like your blog.

  20. The shirt is so beautiful! :)

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