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January 31, 2013

Zara top. JBrand jeans. Deandri boots.

I'm really trying to implement hiking Griffith park every weekend. So far I'm three for three. So, this moment in particular, I nearly broke my ankle climbing up some hills, but because the park is so luscious and luminescent, it's an obvious blog post waiting to happen. I did go back to change and finish the hike for real. 

My day starts always starts with a green smoothie that takes me 2 hours too long because I'm doing chores and Instagram-browsing in between. Then out of nowhere the afternoon hits, and I'm shuffling to get Sara so we can finish the hike before sunset. The latter is usually a flop, because by sunset, we're thankful that we've equipped ourselves with flashlights from the dollar store. Getting a fanny pack was our next step in being full time excursioners, and I'm into the cheesiness of this.
Ph: Sara DeCou

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27 responses:

  1. those jeans are amazing!!

  2. madly and deeply in love with your boots, oh yeah that's right ♥

  3. Great outfit. Love the pants <3




  4. I've been seeing these Leandri shoes more and more! Love these ones!
    With love,


  5. such beautiful pictures, love them.

  6. love this light easy look!

  7. Hiking is always so much fun, especially around Griffith! Your pants are super cute. x

  8. lovely!


  9. I love your outfit, beautiful colors and pattern.

  10. the lighting in these photos is so perfect for the colors your are wearing. pants = perfection.

  11. I love the bright, fresh colors!

    xo Jennifer

  12. Cute look!

    Kate xo

  13. Love this jeans!

  14. Look at how ready for spring you are! Amazing pastel outfit

    x karen

  15. Beutiful post and photos. Great jeans.

  16. Hopefully you don't try to hike in those heels...yowza

    NeNe Monster
    nicole :)

  17. You look like Alexa Chung<3!

  18. Kristine

    Can you please share your green smoothie recipe??? :) No wonder your skin is sooo nice.

  19. you're so cute! So glad I came by your site

  20. I love Deandris! I have a pair myself. you look gorgeous!

    candace from [ aphrodite blue ]

  21. Anonymous

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