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parking lot picnic

December 4, 2012

Cheap Monday sweater and Wild Fox c/o Karma Loop. American Apparel trousers. Marie Turnor clutch.
The clutch can be recognized from my picks in my previous post. Pretty much the most ingenious buttery leather taking shape in a worn paper bag. Apparently Marie Turner has been doing this since 09. Friggen brilliant. Other than the grown up trouser pants, this is such a childish outfit - nostalgic with an itchy, shrunken sweater; chunky mary-jane that are too likely to get dirty; and a lunch bag. 

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43 responses:

  1. nice style. love it

  2. Great pants and sweater!

  3. beyond adore that cropped sweater, so awesome with highwaisted pants

  4. Wah i love you clutch! Awesome girl.

  5. loving that midriff!

  6. The shrunken sweater is KILLER! Looking gorgeous. X

  7. love!

  8. i love your style so much!! want to steal that jumper!!!

  9. perfect outfit, that high waisted pairing is sick!!


  10. You look amazing in this outfit!

  11. This outfit is perfect in every way ! Love those pants !
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  12. I simply love that clutch and the sweater! :)

  13. That cropped knit is too cute! Lovely color on you, too.

  14. This outfit is too perfect! Love it!


  15. beautiful!


  16. Beautiful photos... Love the soft tone! I'm in love with the Marie Turner clutch...

  17. Those pants are amazing!

    xo Jennifer

  18. Great look, the sweater is my favorite piece in this outfit. :)

  19. Gosh you are so pretty! Love the pantalones!

  20. I love your cropped sweater. The color and texture are beautiful and it looks great with the high-waisted pants. I could never pull those off!


  21. Wow! This outfit is so nice

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  23. Bella!



  24. So rad Rachel!! xx


  25. I love your sweater, that's my favorite color. :)
    you have awesome style.


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  27. Love your cropped sweater! Very cute!

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