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channeling celine

December 19, 2012

Marie and Eve tank. Paige jeans. Ralph Lauren denim jacket. Vera Wang wedges.
A coincidence that I had two mirroring scarf prints to pair. How seasonly and Celiney late of me. This was taken right before California decided to drop the temperature to the fifties, but I'm not complaining. Actually, I kind of am, because I am a spring girl forever and ever. Every time I perfect the art of layering - or at least get used to it - the chilly season is over. 
Photos: David Lim

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34 responses:

  1. so beautiful!

    xo Jennifer

  2. Love the mirrored scarf prints! It works well with the denim jacket!

    Suzie Q

  3. the similar prints in white look gorgeous :)
    xx mili

  4. What a nice pants print xx

  5. Thank you so much for your comment!

    The denim jacket was just the right addition to this outfit! Great look! And our weather is so temperamental - one minute it's sunny, next minute it's stormy :( xx

    P.S. Liked this post on Bloglovin ;)

  6. Those two prints look amazing together!


  7. You look fabulous - head to toe!!

  8. love that rusty denim jacket with a pair of printed pants

  9. i fell in love with your jeans, dear. you look gorgeous!

  10. Cool look <3



  11. OMG! That pants!!

  12. Love the jeans! Xx Rebecca

  13. love how you wore those two patterns together!

  14. cute pants.

  15. lovely!


  16. Love it!

  17. Amazing pants and shoes.


  18. you're hands down the most beautiful blogger out there.
    such a style inspiration.

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  20. I agree. I can't stand the cold weather in California right now. Love the prints!!

  21. Loving these Paige pants! Such a great print and they really thought the placement out so very well.

  22. I loved the celine print on the runway, but the pants are really hard to pull off without being mistaken for silky pajamas! So glad Paige decided to knock off an alternative. I will take printed denim over pants any day! You are rockin' this by the way.

    Merry Christmas!



  23. Stunning!

  24. you look so cool! that bag is undeniably perfect :)

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  26. Gorgeous! Love the pants...!!!

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