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leather legs

November 29, 2012

Vintage Rebecca Moses tunic. Paige leather leggings. Gifted Tiffany & Co bag. Mango boots. Margiela x H&M umbrella.
Getting actual use out of an umbrella because of the lovely rain we're getting in LA. Oh, also chopped off a few inches from my hair. Couldn't take it anymore. And couldn't thank Sassoon Salon any more for always taking care of my hair needs! 
I'm so happy I finally have comfy leather to abuse this winter. Leggings though, are so tricky for me. Sort of strikes fear of unsee-able mental images. I also don't really own a lot of tops that are seemingly appropriate for leggings alone. Too much thinking.

Ph. Jesse Fiorino

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40 responses:

  1. Love those leggings! Agh I miss LA!

    Come check out my LA-influenced fashion I've brought back home with me to Seattle.

  2. Ughhhh so cute and simple, yet still a little hardcore. So perf.

  3. i love this simple look! great pieces there!

  4. The leather leggins are super rad <3


  5. Great look. The leather and white on it's own is awesome, but throw in that little punch of leopard and I'm seriously crushing.


  6. gorgeous!


  7. Simple and Chic, love it.

  8. The first image that came to my mind when I read "leather legs" was someone who tanned too much, hahaha. I like the outfit though!

  9. Love the backdrop! Cute look!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)

  10. Love the new look of your hair! Such a chic b&w style, too.

  11. you look amazing!!! uber chic.
    love the b+w head to toe look!!!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  12. wonderful!


  13. Fabulous leggings! I love this simple, yet very chic and edgy look!

    Kate xo

  14. Love the leather pants! I'm a little too chicken still to try to pull them off haha

    xo Jennifer

  15. LOVE the whole look!! So simple and clean...
    The umbrella to a good use especially LA is so wonderful, I agree! <3

  16. Perfect black & white outfit with a punch of leopard!

  17. Love love this outfit! Makes you look so tall and pretty!


  18. love the black and white look....and those boots!! :)

  19. Love, love those leggings! Your looking fabulous Raych!(:


  20. oooof, looking GOOD! & i love your hair cut. i just got bangs recently and yours were definitely an inspiration. :)

    xx, H

  21. yes, those leather legs! lol love the title and love the look. you left it classic with only blk and wht :)

  22. I totally wear legging pants as pants, because I'm scrawny enough to pull it off...and their super thick tight pants that keep me crazy warm in the winter. Just wear long tees/blouses! :D

  23. Those boots are amazing!!

    check my new post

  24. qué look más estiloso! encanta la mezcla del negro y del blanco!..os invito a pasaros por mi blog si estáis buscando un detalle o un regalo

  25. You look just stunning!

  26. Those Paige leather leggings look divine!

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