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fall color palette

November 30, 2012


Rag and Bone pants
Banjo & Maltilda sweater
Carvan shoes
Opening Ceremony bag (sold out in this color, but red here!)
Etsy necklace
Sachajuan Ocean Mist
Topshop nails in Celestial
 In the Spirit of St Barths

gold accessories

Phillip Lim clutch
Natasha Collis ring
Illesteva x Zac Posen sunglasses
Monies necklace
Lanvin shell clutch
Marni shoes
Ileana Makri earrings


Rhie turleneck
Elizabeth and James boots
Marie Turnor clutch
 BareMinerals eyeshadow
Vintage Moschino fan

heather grey
Carhartt beanie
Peter Jensen sweater
Dorothy Perkins jacket
Topshop skirt
Illesteva x Christopher Kane sunglasses
Laura Mercier travel kit

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22 responses:

  1. adore this palette. you've a great sense of style

  2. Loooove all your picks. I really need that grey beanie <3


  3. i love all those pieces! adding them onto my wishlist!

  4. love your picks.

  5. I like the "lunch bag" clutch in the picture, but I don't feel like it would translate to every day wear well. Where I live, everyone would be asking, "Why are you carrying a lunch bag?" lol.
    I LOVE the Moschino fan <3<3<3

  6. love these!! the gray and gold would slot so easily in my wardrobe and i'm pretty sure i need those christopher kane sunnies in my life!

    Fashion Hedonism

  7. The blue palette reminds me so much of summer but, the items are also great for fall. It's a two-in-one. xNel

  8. amazing picks!


  9. This selection is so amazing!!!

  10. Adorable palette !!!

  11. i basically need every single piece on here.


  12. Love it! I am so into the monochromatic thing right now.

    XO Chelsea

  13. I love the picnic clutch and let's face it: this one is also a lot cheaper than the Jil Sander's one... and it's made of paper!!


  14. great selection of items, loved it all :)

  15. perfect post! great colors and choices!



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