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under the canopy

October 9, 2012

Maison Scotch blazer. Urban Outfitters tank. Naven skirt (maxi version here). Zara bag. Shoemint boots.

Finally, I kind of have my computer set up, and most of my stuff is moved to my new place. Except I'm using a communal WiFi so that has to change pretty soon. Loving the transition from OC to LA a lot more than I ever could have imagined. I actually never saw myself living in LA… I sort of felt like I would end up in NY. Happy regardless. 

 Clothing wise, I'm wearing a seersucker blazer that I can't wait to get more wear from. It sort of goes with everything. I'm honestly just waiting for it to cool down, hoping to bust out some sweaters this week.

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41 responses:

  1. Great boots and bag! You look great in this outfit :)

  2. Love the look! I like how you styled several prints, like stripes and leopard!

    With Love,


  3. love the boots and leopard print!

  4. I love how you've paired the stripes w leopard print! Such a cute outfit! XOXO

  5. Pretty and stylish. Love it!!



  6. soo pretty, i love the clashing prints!!

  7. You look amazing ! Love those prints together !
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  8. Love the skirt! Xx Rebecca

  9. great outfit! love how you brought in the leopard print and grungy boots!

  10. you look lovely!

  11. gorgeous bag!!!! love your blog
    xoxo Meagan

  12. You look amazing and I am in love with your skirt. Great outfit and very inspirational!

  13. I would have never thought of wearing this blazer with this skirt but both actually look stunning together!!

  14. I would have never thought of wearing this blazer with this skirt but both actually look stunning together!!

  15. lovely!


  16. Stripes with leopard never looked so stylish!

  17. Great outfit! I like all the pattern mixing :)

    xo Jennifer

  18. loving that zara bag, awesome . such a clean and structural cut

  19. Really cool look, I love the mix of prints with the stripes and animal print. Very creative!

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  21. How do you always find the most amazing locations?
    Not to mention, you always look fucking stunning.

  22. Anonymous

    where do you work???

  23. cute outfit, the skirt is fab

  24. YES! I finally found this web page! I’ve been looking just for this article for so long!!

  25. I love your blog and look forward to following it!!!

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  27. Welcome to LA! I grew up in OC as well, and moved to LA last year after nearly a decade in TX and SF and then grad school. It took me a long time to love this city, but when I fell, I fell quite hard. I can't believe I lived anywhere else!

  28. This outfit is really cute, I was eyeing those ShoeMint boots. They look great on you.

  29. I love the combination of seersucker and leopard!!


  30. Can I please have those shoes? I'm in LOVE!


  31. The skirt is so unexpected and amazing with the otherwise simple outfit! It would look amazing in my offbeat collection at Socialbliss!
    It would be perfect for my offbeat collection at Socialbliss!

    Much Love, Vanessa

  32. Can you please do a whats in my bag with the zara black bag you've been carrying? Please and thankyou.

  33. I can't say I ever would have paired seersucker anything with an animal print but it looks great!
    Kudos to you for this one!

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