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settling in

October 22, 2012

Another curl confession I'm making with Paul Mitchell. I think I get asked at least once a month if my hair is naturally wavy; it is. But it doesn't look as relaxed as I make it out to be. Some days I wear a hat while I'm getting ready to flatten out my hairline (kind of opposite of the volume seekers!) because it can get pretty wild in the morning - especially with bangs. I flatiron my hair every day to get the kinks out, which can be super, super drying. I've never used leave in conditioner until the Paul Mitchell campaign and can honestly say that it has been saving my hair. Slight tangent here: maybe it's just me but LA water seems a lot more chemically than OC water... the leave-in conditioner helps so much with that too. Look for a salon by your area to try it out. Now what's your #curlconfession?

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25 responses:

  1. love these pictures!

    doing a giveaway on my blog!

  2. Lovely pics and your hair looks gorgeous!!


  3. wonderful!


  4. Your hair looks amazing in these pictures, it's bringing back my age old dilemma of bangs or no bangs!
    Naturally my hair is in really tight curls, almost like ringlets so I straighten the life out of it every day, then throw on as many smoothing/moisturizing products I can find, haha!

  5. Love your hat :)

    xo Jennifer

  6. You look so cute with the hat! I've been looking for a good leave-in conditioner, might need to check out PM.

    Suzie Q
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  7. the hat is brilliant on you! my curlconfession is that i create my waves with a straightener! they last for days. :)

    xx H

  8. A little overly excited that I have the same sweater as you do in the first pic... American Apparel? :)

  9. love!

  10. Nice progress on the apt (compared to the ones I saw on Instagram a few weeks ago). I'd love to see more pics of your home decor! It's truly eclectic and effortlessly stylish!

  11. nice top

  12. Hope you can post a little tour of your new place! It really looks nice! :)

  13. You're really making me want to bring my bangs back. Also, your apartment looks really neat, love the exposed brick.

  14. me encantan estas fotos!

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  15. Awesome hat. I want!
    April xx

  16. Love that hat, girl!

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  17. your studio is so perfect, it hurts.

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