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vogue x true religion

September 5, 2012

Gifted True Religion shirt and jeans. Proenza Schouler shoes.

This could be my last post before leaving for New York. I'll be there from the 7th to the 13th! I think I overbooked my stay a bit, but now that gives me time to explore and do touristy things that always slips through my itinerary. Hopefully I will run into some of you while I'm there, till then, I would love to meet my LA readers!

I was so flattered when Vogue asked me to host Fashion's Night Out at the Beverly Center with True Religion. Looks like Kelly will be doing the same in NYC. Anyway, if you guys will be in the area, particularly the Beverly Center, I would love to meet you guys! I'm also snapping some street style so look your best x

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31 responses:

  1. How fun! Bummer that I won't be in town.

    xo Jennifer

  2. Have a great time at NYC FNO! Sounds like it's going to be fun :)
    I am really liking patterned pants for fall!

  3. I LOVE this look on you! It's definitely more sophisticated and refined than your usual look.

  4. Loving those jeans! The print looks awesome! Have fun at fashion week!

  5. you look so gorgeous! i love your jeans!

  6. simply wonderful!


  7. Pretty photos, love those jeans!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)

  8. I absolutely love your blouse and jeans!


  9. Anonymous

    true religion? lol

  10. Love, love, love this look! My favorite - jeans and a simple blouse - but the jeans are really cool. I usually think of True Religion as over the top - with lots of bling, etc. but these are super chic!


  11. Great outfit, love your trousers!!

  12. Great outfit before leaving for New York!
    Happy journey!


  13. Anonymous


  14. this is one awesome pants!

  15. You look adorable. Have a great time in NYC!

  16. Aaron Huang


    Was gonna go to Bev Center last night, saw your name in the FNO program, and thought: "what are the chances?" Looked you up and hey! It's Rachel from IHS! Anyway, congrats!

  17. One word... Love! You look fabulous!

  18. Your hair looks fantastic.

  19. love!

  20. You look amazing ! I'm obsessed with those jeans !

    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  21. What a honor!!!! NICE blog and love your style :)

    Hope FNo was fun and amazing!

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  22. What a honor!!!! NICE blog and love your style :)

    Hope FNo was fun and amazing!

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  23. Amazing pants!
    Never see it before, great job!
    These pants I put on my wishlist if you don't mind :)
    xo Nanieke

  24. The pants are to die for. Perfect for the white tee. Would like to just snatch it away from you - figuratively, of course.

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