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September 15, 2012

Storets shirt. Ann Demeulemeester shorts. Coach bag. Dr. Marten (Lester style) shoes. 
It was such a surprise when I got these shorts in the mail!!! Eugenia from Polyvore was such a doll to send them over since I featured them on a set here. Mentally checked off a piece to the puzzle. Before that though, I got these Docs. I obsessively try to find them online in my size for a week but settled for a similar style (I recommend sizing down - UK5/US7 was really big to my true to 7). They got a lot of sidewalk and compliment action in New York this past week. Another pleasant surprise and piece to the puzzle. So now, it was only a matter of finding similar items in my closet to recreate the look. 

Btw, I'm drinking Vietnamese sugar cane. So good and refreshing. 

New York pictures should start slowly trickling in on the blog. It's been so long. I missed you guys.

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32 responses:

  1. love the dr martens and those shorts!! perfect location too :-)

  2. I loooove those sugarcane drinks! it weird that I know where u are in the pictures? Haha

  3. you look great! totally loving the docs. cant wait to see your nyc pics! <3

  4. such a cute look!love your bag!<3


  5. Love the shorts! And the shoes... want them!! You look super cute! /Charlotte

  6. Very cute look. I´ve never tried sugar cane. Love your top :D



  7. omg! these photos are great!

    xoxo from rome

  8. simple outfit but i like it

  9. simple outfit but i like it

  10. Love your shades!
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  11. your docs look so killer with that outfit! it's giving me hawaiian vacation vibes, but chic ya know?

  12. You look adorable. I love the backdrop!

    Suzie Q

  13. I love the denim blouse! Looking lovely.

  14. Those doc martens are KILLER. love them! White looks great, especially with this look. I love the polka dot chambray, too! :)
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  15. You look so fresh and summery!!!! I love the shoes!

  16. You look absolutely freaking amazing.

  17. refreshingly adorable!


  18. Rachel!!
    You look so amazing in this outfit!
    Casual and cute at the same time :)

    First off, let me start with that top. It's a polka dotted chambray top! What's not to like about it?

    Then, there's those shorts. Oooooooh those shorts! They look so breezy and comfy, definitely perfect for the insane heat that's been hitting SoCal lately.

    And then there are those new Docs of yours! How wicked are they?? I love that you rocked them with some sweet polka dotted socks to enhance the overall polka dotted nature of your outfit and to make the funky Docs a little less masculine.

    Finally, there's that adorable red Coach bag. Um, need I go into detail about how perfect it is? I think not.

    That Polyvore set is very very nice.
    Now I'm headed off to my closet in an attempt to try to find things to somewhat recreate such a perfect outfit. Wish me luck.

    I'm looking forward to your New York photos!
    Have an amazing week Rachel <3


  19. You look great!

  20. that shirt is lovely!!

  21. Cute top!

    xo Jennifer

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