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travel survival kit

August 31, 2012

Travel survival
A quick roundup of my survival kit to travelling for my monthly Polyvore post. Get it kids.

1. A huge bag to throw everything in without an ounce of organizational reflection. Thank Phillip Lim for creating the best carry-all ever.
2. A planner to doodle, note, and plan. I never leave my house without it. I've been using my Moleskine religiously for years now. Trying to use iCal lasted a month... I can't do it, I need to do it the old fashion way.
3. Coconut water. Because drinking water becomes a much lower priority, not by choice, but by convenience. It's the only way to replenish those electrolytes!
4. A really good eye cream to make it look like you're getting the sleep you need.
5. A pretty watch for accessorizing and for practical usage, I guess.
6. As old fashion as I am with keeping track of appointments, I also can't put my iPad down. Usage for watching cat videos and working. The YSL case is a nice added luxury touch.
7. My phone especially likes to die when I'm in New York. Because I'm always lost. I need this case that has a backup battery. Saving lives, you know.

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