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mint green in a pool of color

August 29, 2012

Dress c/o Petiole. Bag c/o Coach. Charles Anastase wedges.

Another colorful backdrop to a pastely outfit. Thank you Melissa for this impossibly gorgeous dress! I had no idea silk could feel as pretty as this. It's all about easy pieces right now because 1. it was just too hot that weekend to wear anything that doesn't breath, 2. with NYFW coming up, I really don't want to think. I'm slowly feeling overwhelmed with a long to-do list before I leave for a week! Can't be more excited though but I'm already itching for another do-nothing vacation. Or maybe just a long spa day when I get back.

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44 responses:

  1. beautiful!


  2. Such an elegant ensemble. Love.

  3. You look amazing! Love your bag!

  4. Love the mint dress, so darling :)


  5. Hun, you are stunning!

    xo Jennifer

  6. you're killing me with your choppy bangs!!!!

  7. i just bought towels that are mint green! TWINS! haha

  8. Love the shoes! High and chunky, yet casual enough (and they look comfortable enough) to wear even in NYC where we walk EVERYWHERE! Dress is a delicious mint green color. On hot days like today, makes me think of refreshing mint ice cream.

  9. lovely, I couldn't pull of those shoes

  10. I love your dress and your shoes are just to die for!

  11. Very simple, clean and beautiful outfit :)

  12. Uhh, loving all of your pictures from Palm Springs bbgirl! Can't wait to see you next weeeeeek.

  13. You look beautiful in that dress... but you always look amazing! And those killer wedges are INCREDIBLE! Hope you're doing fabulously, hun.

    xx Love & Aloha

  14. Stunning look and the shoes are killer :D


  15. Lovely!! You look great!!

    xoxo lorena

  16. Those shoes :O

  17. THOESE SHOES! Really a lovely outfit!

    xx Klaudia

  18. Great ensemble! The silk dress looks so delicate on you.

    brenda @

  19. It's a calm refreshing look, I adore it. I understand how the hot and sometimes sticky weather can make you just want to wear almost nothing.

  20. everything in this post is perfection! love the minty dress and that gorgeous bag!


  21. That dress is so angelic and the green color is gorgeous on you!

  22. lovely dress!

  23. perfect outfit, love it!!!

  24. Such a gorgeous dress, and overall amazing outfit!

  25. that dress and color is gorgeous on yoU! :)


  26. These are fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing -- a break from cute day dresses are not a bad thing on a beautiful summer morning :) Love`s amazing!

  27. wow at thoes heels! <3


  28. Your shoes are so cute! I love that orange. Palm springs is always so much fun.

    You are too cute!



  29. WoW! love the the wedges! LOOOVE the outfit :))

    Just found my way to your blog :) it's super cute :) Ill be back..for sure! :D


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