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August 17, 2012

Maison Scotch dress. Erdem x Nicholas Kirkwood heels

You can't tell, but I'm totally dancing around a hill of fire ants with my favorite new shoes. Pretty amazing. Picked them up at a Nordstrom Rack.

Currently rushing to get some content up on the blog (I know, I'm a terrible blogger) because I'm leaving town without computer access. Destination of choice: Palm Springs with my favorite blonde, Liz!! Updates will come again after the weekend, but till then, follow us on Instagram and Twitter!

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41 responses:

  1. Love the sun in these photos!

    xo Jennifer

  2. Ughh I love Nordstrom Rack but haven't been to one in over a year since I left Austin. Boo.

  3. Your shoes are fantastic! And they can totally transition from Summer to Fall. Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. You are such a beauty- love your heels! Have fun in Palm Springs...always love going there!

  5. Loving the look and heels :)

  6. loving these heels and the shirt dress is awesome

  7. Those heels are killer, and the shirtdress is such a perfect basic!

  8. Love this whole outfit, especially the heels!

  9. those shoes are fierce! love them on you.


  10. I love how you went with a low slung belt around your hips as apposed to the typical waist belt. Very cool.

  11. Beautiful, simply chic outfit!

  12. Awesome shoes!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)

  13. Anonymous

    in previous photos you forgot to put your top on.

    now you forgot to put your pants on.

    so, i suppose in the next set of photos you'll be in your b-day suit

    please check your modesty mirror before going outside (dress like a lady, not like a non-lady)

  14. That looks like such a comfy dress!! XO
    Have fun in Palm Springs!

  15. gorgeous heels!


  16. these shoes are so fabulous! :)

  17. Amazing shoes. So jealous. Have a great weekend!

  18. Amazing dress and shoes! Very beautiful color! White - this is one of my favorites this season!
    Amazing pictures!

  19. I really like your watch. It's beautiful!

  20. love your dress <3

  21. Greaaaaat outfit. those shoes are amazing :)
    they remind me of Givenchy collection :)

    You have such a lovely blog! What do you think of following each other?

    WhiteCloset Fashion Blog

  22. Anonymous

    Hi there,

    Great blog you have!

    Check out mine some time:

    Cheers, C.

  23. Hmmm, I'm sorry hun i love those shoes, but that uh dress/shirt thing? Should not be qualified as a dress.. it's much too short! leggings or pants are needed!

  24. Love the mix between simple and simply fabulous with the gorgeous heels! Beautiful!

    - Shannon

  25. What a great outfit! The shoes are gorgeous :)

  26. LOVE the heels with this dress. Killer combo!


  27. all white fabulous! love the printed heels -- perfect with that thick ankle strap xo

  28. I'm a sucker for a good shirt dress. Gorgeous heels! That last photo is simply breathtaking. xoxo

  29. Those heels are to die for!!!

  30. You're such a hottie with a body.

  31. Stunning shoes!!!! Works great with the outfit

    brenda @

  32. Amazing shoes! This looks so effortlessly stunning!


  33. i will wear this outfit tomorrow haha.

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