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fake leather cutouts

August 10, 2012

Cameo leather overalls. Urban Outfitter bras. Penelope and Coco shoes. Fishnet socks c/o American Apparel. Forever 21 bracelets. Vanessa Mooney necklace.

Finally really happy with my overall collection, see here and here. I like that I have paired variations of silhouettes and fabric completely opposite of each other. The leather and shorts/suspenders/overall hybrids are probably my favorite though. As obsessed as I was, I wasn't sure what to wear with it. Couldn't figure out anything better than a black bra underneath. I'm actually laughing because I once convinced myself that it was totally appropriate to wear just this bra with a skirt in public. Now at least I can hide behind straps and feel somewhat civil. Oh, but added some fishnet aesthetic to feel hookerish again.

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36 responses:

  1. Gorgeous bustier and bag!

  2. Love these shoes, they're so adorable!

  3. you look so good!


  4. I'm loving the edginess of this combination! Amazing! :)

  5. Every piece of this outfit is fantastic :)

  6. What I would never have paired actually looks wonderful on you! Love it!

  7. fantastic style! i love it!!!

    xoxo from rome

  8. Dang, that's a sexy outfit! And I'm glad to see those shoes again. All around amazing!

  9. Perfect degree of exposure between the overalls and the bralette; Enough to catch the eye, but not too blatant.

  10. Great stuff, cute shoes!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)

  11. sundas

    Nice shoes ;)
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  12. I love this outfit! Especially your bustier!!
    TNT Tauna

  13. I f'ing love a bustier. So sick

  14. Anonymous

    I love this look!!

  15. The shoes are awful but the jumpsuit is so good

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  16. fantastic piece!


  17. i love that jumpsuit!


  18. I love your outfit - especially those shoes!


  19. Very cute and daring, edgy!! I couldn't pull this off in a million years. Glad there's someone who can!


  20. Love!

    I also really like that UO bra

    xo Jennifer

  21. love it, u look absolutely stunning xo

  22. Bold and pretty outfit :D



  23. love!

  24. amazing stuffs and you are so bold in that outfit :)

  25. these are the cutest boots. loving them with a pair of socks

  26. Those shoes are amazing!

  27. Amazing look!

  28. you look SO STUNNING rachel.

    absolutely stunning.


  29. Those shoes are so cute especially with the fishnet socks.

  30. Cool styling! Nice cut out & sexy bustier! ヅ

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    Thanks! ヅ

  31. That is really an awesome styling cloth that i really like to have it in my wardrobe.. Combination of sexy and cool :)
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  32. Nothing wrong with feeling hookerish when it comes to fashion. Especially when it comes to leather and fishnets.

  33. Anonymous

    You forgot to put your top on. Please check the mirror before you go outside.

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